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My Dad gave me a Seibon CF hood that he accidentally broke (it flew off the car he was towing at 70mph). He failed to realize that the hood didn't have the rear bolts installed in it before he started driving. It broke pretty bad but I'm going to try to fix it (since it's a ~$500 hood). If anyone was wondering, I can confirm that the CF hood is in fact a few pounds heavier than the stock NA aluminum one. I've seen it stated that people didn't believe that it was possible to get lighter than CF, but I assure you Mazda has accomplished it with our stock hoods, my official "arm-O-meter" weight comparison told me so. I want the hood for the looks (one of the few times I would do form over function).

I'm waiting on products to come in the mail before I tackle that. I'm planning on wet sanding the scratches and respraying the clearcoat. On the bottom I'm going to use liberal amounts of 3M Bondo Hair that I ordered from Jegs to reinforce the structure and fill in pieces that broke off. I'll update when things happen with that project.
My Dad is also going to hook me up (on the cheap) with a hardtop that's missing its rear latches (the ones that fit over the frankenstein bolts) I'm hoping bolt-on latches will hold it securely enough to eliminate road noise. It looks like it flew off a car at some point too so I'll be refinishing it. Here's a teaser pic of how that's going to go down:

The car he bought also has these sweet door sills that I'm gonna buy from him! I looked around and apparently these were sold from a company called "mmmiata" that went out of business some ~4 years ago, So maybe they're like rare/uncommon now. Either way I like the ABS plastic way better than the aluminum door sills I've seen sold.

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