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Only 95.3% positive feedback? Seems scammy

But on a more serious note, GLWS
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I know it pisses me off. Only 2 people have given me negative feedback in over 400 transactions because of BS stuff that I ended up refunding them for and they still kept what they bought from me even though they were supposed to return the items to me then they left me negative feedback. Ebay sucks when it comes to their feedback ratios per sales stuff
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Ebay has feedback rules. You can call ebay for bad feedbacks assuming they are not your fault and the customer lied and the emails prove it. For example if you ship the item and the person leaves a feedback saying u never shipped them you can get them removed. However if the feedback says seller was disrespectful you wont be able to get it removed since thats an opinion. Know what i mean?

Ebays reps are slow so even though the feedback clearly violates their feedback policies you may have to call twice, maybe 3 times to find a knowledgeable rep.
One example. We sold a car stereo with no wiring harness or remote. Just the bare unit. The guy wrote "Doesnt work out of the box" We had to call 3 times to find a rep that knew what "out of the box" means and why it wouldnt work without the wiring harness.

I think its a last 2 months only though so you cant get a year old feedbacks removed.

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