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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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I am going to have to agree with gospeed81. This has turned into a worthwhile thead.

For the money, it is worth the try. He will get some valuable experience, and learn something.

Ease up on the newbs.
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And it will get him some spare parts, too. Just think - 2 crankshafts, 2 sets of different camshafts (possibly usable for exinthake or some other mod), many lifters (solid / hydraulic?), springs, not to mention lower CR pistons from ms engine and possibly stronger rods. Injectors (good for 200 hp i assume). Intake manifold, which maybe has no vics and suits better for turbo application. And exhaust manifolds, turbo one being (I simply guess from my experience) shorter and maybe possibility of buying bolt on adapter plate to mate T25 flanged turbos.

I would not even ask someone if all this stuff is worth 250$. I'd call that guy, arrange a meeting in the shortest imaginable period and take a van to bring all this stuff home. I'd keep what I would think I'll need some day and I'd sell the rest of parts.

Dude, buy that megaton of **** and then ask questions. Include photos, part codes, etc - then this thread will grow tu a very nice pile of ms related information And everyone interested will benefit from it.
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Have him junk the car and sell me the transmission. I'll pay more for the transmission than you're paying for the motor :P I also have an 03 engine I can sell him
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Originally Posted by silvertn350 View Post
After recieving this response I recieved a phone call from my buddy he said i can now have everything for $250
so full msm engine with spun rod bearing
spare 1.8 motor with a supposid crank pulley problem

At this price even if i just took the turbo manifold off and put it on my 1.8 it might be worth it for the money. But now I need to figure out if the manifold will fit since both heads are different.
The mani is a pile of poo, I would just sell some stuff and get a BEGI or FM or absurdflow mani.

And seriously consider running a stand alone ECU man, it would be able to support anything you put on it in the future, and if you do your own wiring, diagnosing things will be much easier!
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Nominated for Worst Thread. Geezus you guys are some lame *****.

If I wanted to turbo a car for dirt dirt cheap, I'd snap up the MSM assembly, bolt it to my good NA8 block, and rock out. Turbo setup with a NB head complete for under $1500, including gracious allowances to BEGi for a downpipe and DIYAutotune for a MS.

OP, part of the reason for the retardation here is your lack of using the search button. Putting a MSM motor or turbo into a non-MSM miata has been accomplished multiple times over.
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For $250 you can make your money back in parts if you change your mind.
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Perhaps consider Pm'ing 95MSM on the M-S Forum as well.
But don't go reposting this sort of thread, it gets annoying.

Did he wreck his car? I'd like some bits off it :-)

I hope you're going standalone, everyone has told you you should, but you didn't mention it yet.. but there are a good number of different sensors on the MSM, not the least of which pertain to boost control and ignition. If you look at, say, FM's Hydra, you'll notice there is a specific unit to the 04-05 MSM, so if the differences are significant enough they have to make wiring changes on that, well, good luck doing it on your own..

I would say you could expect reasonable power with this. Most people on the forum make ~200 with bolt-ons, and that's perfectly fine. Honestly, after that you're better off ditching the manifold/turbo and moving on. One or two fella's have done 240-250 with upgraded stock turbos, but that's beyond the point of diminishing returns IMO, gee, ask me how I know.
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figured i would update this, I'm doing the swap . The MSM motor will be going in the car really soon. I've done a ton of research and looking at the electrical part. Its not going to be difficult by any means. Since I didnt get the MSM coil packs i'm going to test fit some toyota coils tomorrow.
here is a link to my build thread:
turbo miata drift build - TennSpeed

Oh and I ended up getting the complete motor for $50
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Originally Posted by silvertn350 View Post

Oh and I ended up getting the complete motor for $50
Well that's certainly worth the hassle then.
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