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Default Injector compatibility, measurements, etc.

Hey all.

So, I was looking at PnP fuel injectors for not a whole lot of reasons earlier and came across this.

Really simple flow rating, body length, high/low impedence, and etc listing of injectors for reference.

I took some measurements so far and I have a set of 420 rx8s that I've run, I have a set of 315cc Supras I have run, and a set of 550 rx7s and a set of 2xx somethings from an mr2 as well. They are all between about 70mm and 80mm, the Rx7 is the longest because of the pintle cap length, but they all seem to have the same top to seat length.

Mainly I'm looking at the 73mm Orange 320cc injectors and the honda nissan subaru light green bodied injectors. Both would be really nice to use on a miata, either stock ecu (MSM) or aftermarket with the larger ones.

Reason I'm looking at these is you'll notice the slim body. These are a lot newer design injector than the old pintle style injectors. Out of all the ones I listed, the Rx-8 420cc injectors that I've used Idle fantastically compared to all the others, just worlds better.

So, anyone tried any of these, or willing to? What other parameters are needed to verify they will work before hand? I.E. timing, resistance, etc?

Thanks, I'm trying to find my caliper or a ******* measuring device in MM but all I have is engineering std bullshit right now. I'm really angry about this.
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k... So nothing yet! I'm going to just figure it out... I assume as long as the length and timings are close, I should be ok. And if they aren't I hope the hydra can fix my mistake. I just think the 550 densos should work better than the 550 rc injectors which are getting to be ancient.
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I have been thinking about trying other injectors for a while now. Currently I have 365cc Toyota ones 73mm high, high impedance. And to upgrade to anything else there is a large price difference here in NZ.

I may look into trying the mitsi evo injectors that have the square top.

I wouldn't know tuning advice for you as I run MS so its just changing a few numbers in the settings!
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