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Default ARP bolts

I noticed it didn't say to put any fastener lube on the threads going into the block, or I mis-read it, is that true? This is for main bolts. It also said to just thread them in hand tight, but I noticed they have an allen head on them. Just hand tight?

Also what final torque do you guys bolt it down to?
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When I did my head bolts, I used an allen to spin them in and "make sure" they bottomed out, then untorqued them and then lightly twisted them in. A touch over finger tight but I know they are screwed in all the way.

No ARP lube needed on the part that threads into the block. That part isn't supposed to spin when torquing them up. It will spin a bit, but it's of no consequence. Just put ARP lube on ALL the surfaces that touch each other on the end that you are wrenching on.
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I cheated as well and used an allen wrench to seat mine.
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Just did this myself last night and had a bit of an "oh ****" moment when I re-read the directions and realized that they only say to put the lubricant on the top threads where the nut is applied. I did a good bit of reading on it last night trying to find out if I should unbolt the head and pull the studs to clean the grease off. It seems like quite a few people do both ends, some by choice and I didn't hear of any body running into any problems. (Some one speak up if they see any problems with this).

I also used an allen key to bottom out my studs and snug them up. Seems ARP's "finger tight" was a tad too much for my hair dresser fingers...

As for torque, there's a pretty solid discussion thread on that suggesting anywhere from ~45lbs to the ARP suggested 85 lbs. Most say 80 is way to high and many people seemed to agree on 65lbs which is what I did.
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Is ARP seriously suggesting 85ft.lbs now?
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I've always received two sheets for my studs. One is for 7/16", saying 85ft/lbs. one is for 10mm saying ~60, I've always assumed we should follow the 10mm.

With a completly dry block, I use a little lube, and take 10 seconds with my drill set to 3-5 ft/lbs to seat all the studs. A quick visual check to make sure all but the front two are at the same height, and I consider them good to go.
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This is for main bolts. I saw many threads about head bolts and will be following revlimiters blog on those, but when I searched Google for main bolt torque I didn't see anything.
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