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nitrodann, what type of dyno do you use? Most US-based folks use a Dynojet, which reads much higher than a Dyno Dynamics or Mustang dyno. Then there are correction factors to further skew the numbers...

The guys here saying that making 250 rwhp is a cakewalk on a stock block and tuning blindfolded using an abacus would generate 210-220 on a DynoDynamics dyno.
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Default Theoretically possible...

...to drill holes in the head, install sleves, add a GDI setup, and run it with our ECUs, reliably???
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Originally Posted by nitrodann View Post
Yeah you average ron and mon i was aware, still thought that 93 in the usa was closer to our 95, i did some quick calculations in my head so maybe I'm a little confident based on an incorrect assumption? But as it has been said above I think 250atw on a stock long block is pretty achievable as long as I play it safe with detonation, which will be easy on E85.


It's the RPM that is eventually going to kill your rods, not the power or boost pressure.

I know you needed to keep them stock for classing, but did you get them balanced, and shot peened or polished?
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balanced and shot peened.

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I have a bit of experience with this. a friend of mine and I built a hi comp turbo engine that was astounding. it was a Honda 2 liter LS/B18 frankenstien. 11.5/1 compression with a turbonetics gt35r. it spooled ultra quick and made huge power on very low boost. 387hp on 5lbs.(street map) we later had it tuned to almost 700hp on c16 and 20lbs(different turbo, cant remember the specs) anyway with no boost it made somewhere in the 250 range without a good tune. but we definitely found that the bigger hot side worked better, and bigger overall turbos made better power without sacrificing spool much. so my advice is bigger dryer with higher compression. forget about the small turbos. run a larger one at lower boost pressures and have a safer setup. the small ones just get out of their efficiency range too quickly and make a lot of unnecessary heat for nothing other than the self justification of running a higher boost number.
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As someone who currently doesnt plan on trying for any type of huge horsepower, what turbo would you recommend?

I get that a larger turbine, given all sense of reality, would result in a cooler intake, at less of a boost (restriction) pressure, but which turbo should I go for?

The primary use of the vehicle is track days, at least until I feel comfortable enough to try time attack. So a nice linear power curve, with as good of a transitional respond as possible, is what I am after.

Basically, I am wanting to keep as much of the n/a driving characteristics as possible, while bringing some power into the eqation. And yes, I realize that a turbo car will never drive exactly like a n/a, but that's not to say its a goal to not strive for.

Thanks to everyone who has brought some enlightening, and thought provoking information, I greatly appreciate it!

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Id suggest you start a new topic regarding this. actually, id suggest you search a bit before you get raped because this forum doesnt appreciate noob questions that have been answered before. oh and if you want na feel, supercharge it..

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