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Originally Posted by crashnscar View Post
Have you tried other tires? R888's are not a fast tire on a Miata. Hell, RA-1s are faster, as are MANY other tires (including NT-01).
WAT? The R888 are a faster tire than the RA-1's, they just don't last nearly as long, hence the complaints among the SM drivers.

Looks good Spookyfish, good luck at the ring.
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Originally Posted by Spookyfish View Post
You mean a raised edge just in front of the gap?

But ABS would be lighter, no?

If I am doing ducting, I will be sealing the bottom of the car. So no glueing to hood there I guess. Thanks for the 3M idea.
A lip in font of the hole, yes. It doesn't have to be very tall to have a drastic effect. Google 'wicker bill' or 'Gurney flap'. The Autoconexion(sp?) hood has a really exaggerated version of what you're looking for.

ABS probably wouldn't be lighter in the kind of thickness you would want to use. It's pretty floppy in sheet form. .040" (1 mm) Aluminum sheet would probably serve you better and be easier to work with.

I meant that you could use the 3M googe to seal ducting to the bottom of the hood. I mentioned this to a body guy friend, and he said that they also sell some spray that goes with it that cures it instantly like super glue accelerator. I've always just let it air dry, but that can take days. I didn't realize that you're supposed to be using the spray stuff. That would make it much less messy.
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get a 1/2" "L" shaped piece of metal and rivet it on. It will move a lot of air. Also, look at the Axis Power Racing hood, it has what you want.
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I will make a raised edge some day. I did pull the flap down further and that actually makes the air through the radiator want to go out there.
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Just bolt this to your hood

18x10 Carbon Fiber Hood Vent - $119.00 : Carbontrix, Composites Design and Production
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^^ Word. For quick and relatively cheap I think that is a good route. I almost pulled the trigger on that, but now I am going this way:
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