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Originally Posted by Vashthestampede View Post

"Now that I went and looked at them I remember the problem. Those clips that go into the Hellas are a bitch. I used needle nose and a small screwdriver to get them in and twist them. If you dont twist them all the way they will pop out when you adjust them and most likely cause you to go kill someone. they turn and kind of drop into place."

I didn't get what you meant at first, seeing I wasn't that far yet. ex just left, she didn't want to be around for this part. I definitely screamed "****" super loud about 1000 times outside!

Good news is she helped me hold the brackets and sure enough, deep well socket with a mallet and boom bitch!! That's one step closer I guess. But these triangular locking plastic garbage will not cooperate at ******* all. I'm afraid I'm going to snap them in trying to turn them. Back to work

So then, you got none eh.
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I'm afraid I'm going to snap them in trying to turn them. Back to work
I took a razor blade and shaved down the edge a bit.
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I would rather dip my ***** in acid then buy anything made by AAC for the miata. They spent nearly 99.9% of their research time in retrofittings and conversions for Lexus's mainly. Out of nowhere they came up with this complete fabrication for miatas. I would expect support to be next to nothing, and **** product quality.
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IIRC, they picked up the design and templates from an Mnet member who didn't have the desire to mass produce the end product.
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Wow.... that's some shitty carbon lay.... all bunched up and ****. They must be doing wet lay and vacuum bagging. If they had used pre-preg, the carbonfiber would look sooo much better.

Oh.... but they do look nice! g/l on the install. BTW... i keep seeing your damn blue hood on ebay when skimming through miata stuff lol
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Yea, they were someone on m.nets idea and these guys took over. I forget who it was exactly, this was like 2 years ago maybe.

I'm still not sure what I really think of them. I figure this, I finish the install, dremel them to fit nice, and have them finished 100% ready to go units. Then I'll try them out for a bit, and if I hate them, I'm sure I can get back about 90% of what I paid by selling them on ebay. The buyer wont have to do a thing but mount the brackets and put on the CF buckets.

I got the passenger side ready to go, just being lazy on the dremeling part. The twist lock nuts, I SWEAR TO GOD....all you have to do is say **** it and go for it. They feel and look like they are going to break when using pliers to turn them, but force it and they go wooop....turn and lock. The instructions are like 15 ******* pages of useless ****. I can write a better set of directions on one page that tells you **** like that......with pictures!!!

The hood ends in 3 hours! I don't have nearly as many people watching as I thought I would. The ******* FM duals have almost 30 people watching them with 4 days left....go figure. I hope it goes up a little, but I will be happy with $400. That means the new hood cost me $80, not bad. When the exhaust sells, that's the main chunk of cash toward my 3" enthuza!

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Vash...good luck with the lights! Now that I think about it it was a MOTHERF$#@&^NG Bitch getting those adjusters on. Toss the clear covers..they are useless. I also did the HID upgrade and get great visibility out of them (after about 5 hours of adjusting) Directions were useless..customer service was a joke..but I get comments on the lights all the time. Would I do it again....yes...would I want to..NO!
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