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Default Your First Car(s)

A beast no different than the one above got me from A to B to my girlfriend's house for the first semester of 11th grade.

I then received this for passing a drug test (getting hired at a grocery store):

After a couple years of not getting laid, I traded the Jeep straight up for this little beast:

What were your first cars?
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Dually miata, first mod performed
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First car; 1997 Automatic Eclipse GS:

I thought I was hot ****.

After that I had the '90 miata, 92 240sx, '92 miata, '89 323 GTX, '97 Nissan Hardbody, '92 Talon GSX, '95 Miata, '96 Explorer, '90 525i (euro spec)..

I'm sure I'm missing a few, I'll come up with them later I'm sure, BTW I'm 22, all except the Bimmer I had by the time I was 20.
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Miotta FTW!
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Very First: 97 cavalier

Second: 00 Cavalier

Third: Biggest POS I've ever attempted to fix up. I never got it running.
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95 Mustang GTS. 120k miles strong. Then it was hit by lightning.

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my very 1st car was a chevy prizm aka toyota corolla.
it was baller as ****, put a straight pipe and cone filter on it. pulled a premium at race warz
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Boost Czar

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In White:

Then in silver:

Then, my DD:

Then my first toy car, besides miata: 626 turbo, stripped interior running 15psi:

And my other current DD:

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You kids have it good. My first was a POS 1974 Plymouth Gold Duster. Slant 6, no power, no handling. It had massive understeer with a sudden (and random) transition to massive oversteer. It had terrible body roll. It had vinyl bench seats, no power anything, and no A/C.

I learned to drive it like a bandit, and when I got my Celica, I was hell on wheels.
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Old 01-13-2011, 02:16 PM   #11
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My first and current:

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In high school I drove my mom's '88 Taurus and then the '95 Dodge Intrepid after the Taurus died. Didn't have a car for the first two years of college, but before my junior year, around 1997, dad gave me his '85 4runner after he bought a Tahoe to tow stuff. That 4runner was technically my first vehicle (title in my name) and I still own it. That truck is older than many of you, rolled off the line in Oct of 1984.

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My first, '91 Accord, same color and trim.

Second, '95 Prelude with VTACK!!!

Third, 1983 RX7

Forth, '87 RX7 Turbo II

Forth and a half, '85 RX7

Fifth, '95 Miata

A few other mixed in that were never finished as projects, and were sold off.
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1971 Pontiac Le Mans. Photo is a fairly accurate representation.

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1st 1985 chevy cavalier sedan, brown, and automatic, but no A/C and AM radio. AM!
2nd 1992 Saturn SC, which I modded up with big wing and rimz, yo. 178k miles and 16.0 in the quarter, pretty much stock.
3rd my 1997 miata
4th 2003 Ford Ranger edge, bought new, totaled it in 2006.
5th 1985 Ford Ranger
6th 1997 Honda Civic lx, barely ran, GF gave it to me, sold it to build Miata engine
7th 2006 Scion XB, bought new, total POS, traded it on current DD
8th 1993 Honda Accord LX, 125k Miles, runs like a champ, far better than the Scion pos

??? somewhere in there bought an '04 Prius for wife, got it stupid cheap back when they were still hot (05-06). Actually paid less for it than the XB, could not pass up that deal.
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1st car was a 89 Volvo 240DL that I had for almost a year

Then I moved onto a 91 Prelude which I used I love, but it had to go, just like the ex's.

After that I had my most reliable car in the world, a beat up 92 civic that I drove for 5 years without fail, everytime.

After that much time I decided I needed another sport car... so I bought my first miata and also a crv for a daily driver.

I still drive the crv along with the girlfriend Mazda6 and have since sold the miata and bought another money pit.
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No photos of my actual cars here except the Miata...

'70 Beetle, rebuilt 1600 with a fresh coat of Stratos Blue Metallic, a mid-80's VW color, hard to find pop-out rear windows, standard (not Super Beetle), 4-into-1 with a single exit quiet pack.

Then an '85 CRX which I owned for approximately 60 hours, ending in a glorious end-over-end cartwheel into a ravine. Good times. Pics to follow if I can find them.

'84 Accord hatch to follow the demise of the CRX, which my sister then totalled, then an '87 Accord Hatch. Much blandness ensued, and the '87 hatch ultimately met it's end in a multicar pileup. Also owned a '75 CB750 and a '91 CB750 (Nighthawk) during this time, both of which saved me from utter vehicular boredom. Sold both bikes.

Then perhaps my favorite of ever: a cream puff, one-owner '67 Lincoln Continental coupe, custard yellow with a black vinyl top, which had 48K original miles when I bought it and every factory option, including the original owner's name on a dash plaque. Power oversteer in an 18' long 2 door car that comfortably seated 6...what more could you ask for. Had to sell it when I moved across country because it was both too expensive to ship or drive, and no car trailer I could find to rent could carry it. Sad day was sad.

Not mine, but identical visually:

Car-less for about a year after moving to Colorado, then started with Landcruiser FJ40's, first a '73 then a '69, so I could go exploring off road. Tons of fun and would crawl over damn near everything. Married into a '95 Talon TSI, ditched the FJ40's for an '87 4Runner. Divorced the old lady and ended up with a '96 Talon AWD. Bought a '92 Legacy wagon as a DD when I started adding more goodies to the Talon. Got it up to about 400whp...lots of fun. Sold the Talon and bought the Miata.

Hmm...that's looking like a short list. I might have missed something there.
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'94 Nissan Hardbody. Actually my brothers first vehicle then given to me.

Funny thing about my brother and his first car. Could have had a Porsche. My dad offered to buy this '80 something 911 from a friend and my brother said no thank you. Regrets that **** now!
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Couldn't find many pics, but here's my list...

'78 Camaro (a complete piece of ****, but it was red and had really nice paint)

'89 Mustang LX 5.0 coupe (bulletproof, but an automatic)

'95 Camaro Z28 6-speed (soooo much bang for the buck... I want another one)

'84 BMW 745i (gray market factory turbo, DD/restoration project)

'85 RX-7 (split DD duty when the Bimmer was sick)
NOTE: This is one of 5 RX-7s I owned over the years. I've still got this one, but there's a non-running V8 sitting under the hood.

'98 Camry (bought it for $900, found $10 in change under the seats, drove it for a year, blew up the slushbox, sold it for $2300 with no reverse and no 4th gear)

'94 Miata
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'71 beetle. 60 furious horsepower!
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