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Default Formal intro (long time lurker)

Thought i'd throw up a formal intro here before I started asking yall a bunch of questions, so here goes.

Name's Brandon. I'm a community college student in my early 30's. I've been a (programmer) analyst while trying to do part time engineering classes and raising a family. Got frustrated with my company, job, and the whole rat race so I quit and landed a job as a 3rd shift NOC engineer at a decent sized data center for a change and to finally focus on school. Now I have the opportunity to do near full time classes so i'll be transferring to a real engineering school in the fall(wrapping up my AS first)

Anyway all that to say this, I've been working on the miata and trying to autocross off an on for the last 8 years, but school and life gets in the way so i've spent a lot the recent few years hunched over a bottle of scotch and calculus books. Last year I bought Brainiac's old MS3x, got it mostly running, but few problems and i've taken close to 30 hours since then so the car's been in the garage most of the time since then... At this point the tough classes are starting in a couple weeks and I would like to have my fun car back, so i'm admitting i'm over my head now, lol. So there will be n00b threads soon, get ready, though I bought this to learn so I'm not looking for hand holding.

My goal with this car was an autocross toy / track car does not need to be a daily, though i'd like the reliability. I work weekends and have no vacation left this year so track days are a long ways away, but i'd like to keep that focus, and plan for FI in the possible future. I don't care about autocross classes anymore. I've been reading a ton of threads in the MS forum here, and have reached the point that my issues don't (easily) fit what i've read, so I need help.

'94 B&T 10/8k tien monoflex, 1.6 fidanza 7lb on 1.6 clutch, depowered PS rack, exhintake/I/H/E for now. I keep getting the lust for more power, but for now i'll keep it NA unless I stumble on a ridiculous deal. I bought the MS3x to learn on a stock engine before I blow something expensive.

Sorry if tl;dr, but there you go.
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Always nice to see more folks from Texas.

Nice ride.
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Welcome to here.
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Welcome to the site Jiggerachi, thanks for joining up!
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Ok car. Awesome dog.

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Unacceptable... Needs Moar CAT!
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Originally Posted by supercooper View Post
Unacceptable... Needs Moar CAT!
I forget yall wierdos love the s

Our cat Enzo.

Enzo was cool for a couple years then decided to start pissing all over the house & my tools. Enzo now sleeps outside with the other maingey neighborhood cats.

Actually he became outside cat when he started pawing at my son when he was a baby, he quickly established total dominion outside and since we got our new dog we barely see him. He's fat so we guess hes happy. He hangs out at our neighbors house and eats her food.

Originally Posted by viperormiata View Post
Ok car. Awesome dog.

Bubbles, our English Mastiff. Shes our only dog now, but weighs more than all previous combined.

Shes a bit bigger than those pics now, about 7 months old and was almost 90lbs last time I weighed her. I expect shes probably right at 100 now.
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