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You are invited to come out to Sebring the next time I go out. I'll take you around for a few laps as a passenger. BTW, the SCCA doesn't allow passengers because they suck. I run with other groups (NASA, ERME, etc.) that are more interested in having a good time and encouraging people to get others involved. So then we can run their slow asses down on the track, muhahahaha!
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Have a SC Miata and am building a turbo car now, I have autocrossed and tracked my SC NA and here is my 2 cents.
You will have to install the same engine controlls injectors etc for either system, but if lag is your concern will not be at 2500rpm on the track ever!! The only time a SC has an advantage over a turbo is when you autocross you may be getting of the gas when the turbo is getting to full boost, otherwise the turbo will always give you more HP for any given boost.
Good luck
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Originally Posted by Wuga View Post
Also, in addition the supercharger is much better on a track because the power band is a lot more controlled as I said I race in SCCA, I'd like to have my induction providing boost right as I exit the corner not after I exit.
Originally Posted by 18psi View Post
Not sure if trolling or just stupid.
Originally Posted by nitrodann View Post
This guy must ... i mean must be trolling.

You got no idea op.


Originally Posted by 18psi View Post
Seriously, someone check his IP, I think its a troll.

If its not, I sincerely pity you with that attitude and lack of knowledge.
I would bet dollars or donuts that he is just young. I remember being young and spouting off at the mouth or keyboard.
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