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Originally Posted by rwyatt365 View Post

Thanks Aidan!
Its also active during boost control closed loop
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So, now my question is; if the slider is always on, AND it acts as a multiplier to the PID values (as suggested in the msextra link), what is the meaning of the value of the slider setting? The range is 0-4000...4000 "what"? Am I multiplying the PID values by 4000? Is it a percentage multiplier (i.e. 4000=4000%, or "times 40")? Is it just some relative value (relative to what)?

Just WHAT am I doing by using the slider? Inquiring minds want to know.

(Sorry OP for hijacking your thread)
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Its just a multiplier. I was digging through the code yesterday trying to figure it out. But the code is horribly commented. Let me see if i can dig something up again.
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this is what docs say:

Closed Loop Sensitivity
Use this setting to tune how aggressively the idle speed controller tries to reach the target RPM. Adjust the slider up until the idle speed starts oscillating, then back down until it stops. Wait 5-10 seconds between each adjustment to give your Megasquirt a chance to settle.

Tuning Mode
If set to “Basic” then Proportional Gain, Integral Gain and Derivative Gain are not used to calculate overall Gain.

If set to “Advanced” these three settings can be defined.
from the developer back in 2014:

most people can just use the default PID settings and tune using the slider

and if they can't get it to where they're happy they can turn on "advanced" mode and tune the PID gains
My basemaps use 500 for the PID gains, and the the PID is set to 100 - 100 - 0, most people say it's pretty damn close out of the gate.
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