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Default Transferring MegaTune from one PC to another

This is it. I've been bench-testing the MS for a while, I've finished building a new engine sub-harness to accommodate all the new sensors and outputs, fabricated a new mounting bracket to hang the MS in the stock location, and this weekend I'm going to install the MS.

So, up to this point I've been doing everything on the PC in the bedroom. I need to transfer everything to the Laptop so I can move operations to the garage. presently, I've installed the same MegaTuneHR build on the laptop as on the PC, but I want to make sure I don't miss anything making the transfer.

I know I'll need to copy over the custom.ini and settings.ini files from Car1HR\mtCfg, hasn't been generated yet (planning to do that in-car) and I'll export an .MSQ file and bring that over.

What else am I forgetting? I assume I don't need anything in the EasyTherm directory for now, since I've already flashed the (hopefully) final firmware into the unit. Is there anything else in the MegaSquirt directory that needs copying?

MegaLogViewer is installed, but I haven't done anything with it yet. What configurations do I need to make to it other than telling it about my wideband O2 sensor?

For the record:
1.6 engine, 440cc injectors
MS-I, running HR 10d2
AEM Wideband (10-20)
Analog TPS
Open-element GM IAT, stock CLT (EasyThermed per Scott's values)
EBC (not yet configured, running stock WG pressure for now)
Tables are a mix of Scott's VE, DIY's Spark, and some guesswork
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i'm not sure that this will work yet... but maybe YOU can give it a try.... copy the whole megasquirt folder into your flashdrive or CD, and same for any other folders that are needed (easytherm etc. etc.)

on your new PC, install megatune and easytherm, copy the folder from the CD into the new directories, and BAM, you should have all your settings without having to mess with the stuff in the files.... if it fails... let me know because my step-dad messed up my laptop and i have to re-install windows
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I've copied the whole megasquirt folder successfully numerous times. For a while i kept it on a flash drive and used three laptops. It didn't have any issues.
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I shall try then simply copying the entire MegaSquirt folder from the desktop PC to the Laptop. Update to follow.
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That will work, just make sure you install the same version of MegaTune, and then overwrite the whole directory and all sub-folders.

Alternately... you can just copy your project folders over and all of their contents/subfolders/etc. (Car1, Car2, or whatever you've called them)

Anything with a populated mtcfg folder will show up in the MegaTune projects listing, so just by copying those project folders over it will recognize them on the new installation.
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