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Originally Posted by Braineack View Post
pics of porting....wtf.
Your wish is my command. Unless I misunderstand you, then you get pics you don't want.

Quick view of down the neck of this thing....

And here you can see how thin I left the entrance to the wastegate. Certain my rocketship will know which way to go.

There was a lot to remove coming into the wastegate, the walls were not even flat, it's like it was designed to aim AWAY from the wastegate.

I am a little worried about air going to the turbines getting a bit tripped up on the sharp rise heading towards the exhaust fan, but.... if I take it out, I imagine it'll hurt flow through the wastegate. Is this just a tradeoff I have to make?

Oh, it didn't come across in the picture so well, but I removed a lot of material. I think the entire area under the ruler here was removed.

Yep. that crack goes all the way through. The smaller one, however, does not. Interesting.

Lastly, one more pic of the entrance:

And a pic of our fearless warrior, throwing cation and $0.50 in drill bits to the wind to get his holes reamed out for the bigger studs.

Bigger Studs:

(gosh, I hope I don't need washers. What if the unthreaded area is too large?!?)

Your Hero (yes, we all dress like that in San Diego):

In Action:

(sorry for so many pics on this, I just never expected the drill to hold up, and that I would be bringing the part in with a 3mm deep hole in one to a shop where they would laugh at me)

Size Comparo:

Ok, time for actually working now, since I'm actually at work. :-)
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Regarding your last photo, your drill left some king-sized burrs... Knock those suckers down with a 90 deg countersink prior to tapping, then hit the whole plane with a flatfile and you should be dialed for sealing...

Is that the surface you were going to beltsand?

Also, great photos. You should post a how-to on macros for the others.
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Heh, that IS belt sanded. It took a LONG time to get down to the center, so I'm glad I did.

Countersinking is a great idea, I was so happy to have it work at all last night, I didn't bother with the details, but I will now while it's all apart.

I need to just run some light grit (someone suggested 200) over it to clean it up - it was better before I tried to clean it up on the belt. A little bowed on the edges doesn't bother me, the bolts will be pulling it flat I suspect.

As to the macro write up, here it goes:
Find the Macro Mode on your camera
Make sure the camera focused (a beep, green light, etc)
Take the picture.

Sure, there's details like 'have some light' or 'don't move the camera while it's taking it', or 'don't move the camera between focusing and shooting' before advanced stuff like manually focusing or autofocusing on one object then moving the camera to the same distance away from your hard to focus subject... But 99% of it is "If the camera says it didn't focus, try again - don't take it and post it on the internet"
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Years ago (mid-80's) I ran a Cartech turbo kit on my old Datsun 510. To get the mounting flange happy with the turbo flange, I put a mixture of diamond paste (super fine lapping compound) and oil on the mounting flange (no mounting studs installed), and then lapped the two surfaces in by rubbing them together with the paste/oil mixture for a LONG time.

I'm surprised that people are suggesting that file is good enough. Is this with a gasket, or without? (I was running without)
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Don't need to countersink it.. Just use a deburring tool.

Just stick the end in the hole, push against the wall, spin around. Cuts nicely into even the hardest steel and leaves a fantastic shine!
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We use those deburr tools at work for Lexan, good tools. We still countersink all of our drilled holes though.
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Oh! I love those swillzestick things. Back when I used to do a lot a machining, they were like my favorite things, certainly not only for holes.

I'm trying to remember what I ended up using, they were an inconvenient size for the stepped bits. Oh, yeah, I used (sadly) a angled grinding stone in the hole. This worked well, but took off more material than I wanted.

I will say I'm happy with the belt sanding. It took a bit more off the edges than I really wanted, but it seals well. And it lets you know how bad it was as you see layer after layer come off.

(edit: The ridiculous photo implies I'm way gayer than I really am. That can of Ice Tea is totally not mine, I was just holding it for a friend)
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