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Default Couple very noobish questions

Ok here goes.
I finally got my boost in the 12-13psi area, EXACTLY where I want it to stay. I unmarked as "tuned" all the cells that I had in the higher boost areas so that it can re-tune them properly with autotune.


After I get the auto tune to "tune" the majority of the map, do I switch it to "slow converge" for it to tune it even more precisely?

After I'm done with tuning fuel altogether do I set it in "open loop" or "closed loop"?

Stupid questions I know but I really need them answered asap please.

PS: I know that once I have everything dialed in (fuel and timing) roughly and what not, I will do good thorough logs and start really fine tuning it by hand, but for now I need to know what mode to have it set on when I'm not auto tuning.
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Once you understand that Rapid Learing and Slow Converge are exactly the same thing the light bulb will come on. In the "set adaptive learning" button, you will see that the critera for slow converge is most likely set with tighter parameters (100 rpm and 6 kPa vs maybe 150 and 8 kPa depending on your settings, plus generally a longer time in the cell, you can see that slow converge will take longer to tune as all of the stars must align for a longer period of time before it tunes that cell but it will be a more accurate tune.

In the Rapid Learing, you could be coming "up" on pressure, "up" on RPM or vice versa and be tuned at the bottom of the fuel needed, or the top. As you get into the slow converge settings, the settings for the cells are more "centered" for each before it adjusts, thus more accurate.

Hand smoothing will move you to where it needs to be quicker. If you have a cell marked tuned at 3500 and one at 5000, you can extrapolate between the two and speed things up.

Closed loop will take temps, etc into consideration when adjusting fuel. Open loop will run strictly off of the values in the table. Thus, closed loop will be more accurate over the seasons if all is set up properly.

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You are the ******* man. Thank you for answering my complete noob question
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