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Serper3 02-18-2009 01:44 PM

O2 Clamp Question
I am going to be using an EMB, on my 99. I already have it, got it for cheap, and got the boomslang for it and ready to go.
I know I need an o2 clamp now. I have a voodoo box that I havent been able to sell... I know that the voodoo has an o2 clamp built in, and I am wondering if I can use the voodoo box as just an o2 clamp?
Voodoo box instructions:
Can I just hook up the red wire, (power) Black Wire (ground) and the Green wire and be ok like this?
I would then set the pot s when the o2 clamp should kick in?
would this work, or am I going to need an actual o2 clamp? I am just trying to save some money..
Thanks guys!

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