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Ben 01-14-2008 02:12 PM

LED 3rd brake light
Who makes the miata LED center brake light? Not looking for DIY, looking for PNP. Thanks

Stealth97 01-14-2008 03:25 PM

KG works. I'v got one, about $100 from Rspeed, not sure if they still carry it.

jayc72 01-14-2008 03:38 PM

I'm sure MOSS carries one.

RotorNutFD3S 01-14-2008 06:24 PM


Made by IL Motorsports. Only 3 left, then no more since he's going out of business. I have this on mine, very very nice.

paul 01-14-2008 08:20 PM

if it wasn't clear & chrome when off i'd get one

Ben 01-14-2008 08:28 PM

I'm going to smoke it so it's invisible when off against the black trunklid--but that one does look kind of ricey. The one on droptopdrifter's car looks really good.

paul 01-14-2008 08:36 PM

which does he have? that but smoked?

Ben 01-14-2008 08:38 PM

I don't know. It looks better than what was pictured. His is not smoked. I didn't even realize he had an aftermarket brake light until he hit the brakes, and then the leds in the center light came on so much quicker than the incandescents in the low mount lights, I decided I needed one too.

RotorNutFD3S 01-15-2008 04:41 AM

Judging by the pictures I've seen of his car so far, I think his is the M2 version, but just gets shaded because of the spoiler. Then again, they could have done something different with that version instead of the chrome.
It's actually not too bad/noticeable with it mounted on the car, but too "euro tail light-ish" for my tastes, so it's getting a light treatment of VHT Nightshades whenever I get to it. Just to clarify, when I said it's very very nice, I did mean in function. I watch this thing light up the every reflective part on the car behind me at night.

Doppelgänger 01-15-2008 09:15 AM

Ben, i think mine is the Moss version. But to double check, i'll go home tonight and look at the box.http://i1.tinypic.com/7x3j1v6.jpg

Doppelgänger 01-15-2008 09:17 AM

You know, i should make it a blinking 3rd brake light just for fun lol

Ben 01-15-2008 09:21 AM

blinking, flashing, or strobing = :slap:

mazda/nissan 01-15-2008 09:26 AM

can't you just crawl under the dash and screw in the tail light switch so that it will engage the lights with minimal pedal movement? I'm not sure about the miata but on the 240 if i barely set my feet on the pedal it lights them up :dunno:

Doppelgänger 01-15-2008 09:39 AM


Originally Posted by Ben (Post 199240)
blinking, flashing, or strobing = :slap:

disco party brake lights????

cjernigan 01-15-2008 10:28 AM

If it won't blink to the beat of funkytown I don't want one.

Bryce 01-15-2008 10:51 AM

Shigidy BAM.

I did it. I like it.

Stealth97 01-15-2008 10:55 AM

I took mine apart and painted the chrome reflector black. It almost disappears when its off.

y8s 01-15-2008 12:19 PM


Originally Posted by Stealth97 (Post 199296)
I took mine apart and painted the chrome reflector black. It almost disappears when its off.

this is just the kind of lazy mod i'm feeling up to doing for winter.

photos or die

Doppelgänger 01-15-2008 01:04 PM

1 Attachment(s)
i m.s. painted mine black... its teh bombzzzz

Attachment 214836

Ben 01-15-2008 01:05 PM

that would look good on a black trunklid

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