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icantthink4155 09-27-2010 06:58 PM

Painters tape on bare metal?
I need to refinish my trunk lid, but I dont expect my drill battery to have enough juice to take the paint off in one go. If I clean a section to bare metal, would painters tape keep it from rusting for any period of time?

fooger03 09-27-2010 09:36 PM

a fine mist of fogging oil applied with a cloth might do the trick

SKMetalworks 09-27-2010 10:24 PM

Get an angle grinder.

Doppelgänger 09-27-2010 10:27 PM

Buy a second battery? Buy (borrow?) a power tool that plugs into a wall?

icantthink4155 09-27-2010 10:47 PM

Will the oil mess with the paint?

No money to buy an angle grinder, wish I had one

Even if I had an angle grinder, or a plug in drill, I have no place to plug it in at since I will be doing this in the parking lot of my apartment building.

dgmorr 09-27-2010 10:53 PM

Buy cheap electric drill extension cords from Walmart....return when finished?

DammitBeavis 09-27-2010 10:56 PM

How about remove the trunklid and take it someplace where you have electricity?

Savington 09-28-2010 02:19 AM

WD40 is literally designed to do what you need to do. Coat the bare metal with it.

WonTon 09-28-2010 02:25 AM

aircraft grade paint stripper!


icantthink4155 09-28-2010 08:43 AM

lol, here we go again.

I dont have a tarp or anything to cover whats in my trunk while the lid is off.

The parking lot is a fair distance from my apartment and I dont think anyone would appreciate me dragging an extension cord from here to there.

Would WD40 leave a residue that would effect the paint later on?

I have a can of stripper, which is awesome stuff. But I want to strip it on the car, and I dont want to repaint the underside.

neogenesis2004 09-28-2010 08:45 AM

Sav said exactly what I was thinking before I opened this thread. I would WD40 and then remove it with Acetone later. Just spray a little on a towel and wipe down the metal.

kenzo42 09-28-2010 01:58 PM

WD40. My flywheel is covered in it while in storage.

leatherface24 09-28-2010 02:25 PM

NOOOOOoooooooooooooooo OIL of any sort! Just shoot it with some self etching primer! Using any WD40 or anything like that is a BAD idea if youre gonna paint anything.

curly 09-28-2010 08:16 PM

Remove lid, carpet, and drain plugs. Paint in apartment, replace.

icantthink4155 09-28-2010 11:24 PM


Originally Posted by curly (Post 635782)
Remove lid, carpet, and drain plugs. Paint in apartment, replace.

This is what I would do if my trunk wasnt full of stuff.

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