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midpack 05-22-2012 09:03 PM

Turbo Miata terrorizes Putnam Park
I spent Saturday blasting around Putnam Park in Indiana. This was my 3rd track-day and first with cars other than Miatas. I was a bit nervous before hand, first time on this track and first time running with cars that have double and triple my power levels. The day was awesome, great weather, car ran well with only a couple minor issues, I drove decently with no spins or offs and everyone was pretty cool. Even got a ride in one of my all-time favorite cars.

I signed up with the beginner group and for an extra fee, had Nascar driver Dan Clark ride along. Dude was pretty cool, actually, and knows his ----. He left the UK for Indianapolis so obviously not right in the head, but he knows how to drive and not just in a circle. Since I was in the noob group our first session was a follow the leader for 20 minutes. I was kinda pissed to lose an entire session when I already knew how to drive on the track but whatever. The non-stop classroom cut into making sure my car was ready for track, forgot to lower tire pressure before we went for our Sunday drive. Not that it mattered.

2nd session rolls around and on lab 2 black flags pop out and we're into the pits. Evo popped a hose clamp. Back out after that behind a Vette and Cayman, Dan knew me as the miata that passes, well you can guess...

I was just happy they let me by, other cars were not as quick or willing. Like this GTR.

There was a Mini that pointed you by in the corners and a Viper ACR convertible with the top up. No wing.:confused:
While I was in the passenger seat, a FF5 Cobra passed a different GTR. Same weight as me but way more power & torque. I want.

I ended up with plenty of open track during the day and like every tracked MSM had issues with the catch can. Some ductape and a rag fixed that right up. Loose/stretched turbo studs lead to an early day but I had fun and my times dropped.

I also learned not to use the individual lap recording option in Trackmaster, beginning of every lap is cut off. :vash:

ahheck09 06-16-2012 02:56 AM

good stuff man!

hustler 06-16-2012 04:17 AM

You're doing pretty good for day #3. Brake less and enter every corner faster; put some slip angle in the car and get the tires talking, but you're hitting most of the apexes and track out points.

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