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flydaddyskidz 11-05-2011 08:44 AM

Please Look Over MSQ
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If anybody has time could they take a look at my tune file and let me know if anything looks way out of whack. It started out from the MS9495PNP base map. I have done extensive Autotune and some manual tuning on the street. In no way do I think it is correct, but the car runs fine and Idles ok. Cold starts suck but I am playing with that now. Car also runs rich except at cruise which has been leaned out for economy.
This old brain does not pick up things easily, but I will not give up until I understand it. The one thing I need to know is about fuel squirts per cycle. Somehow I have it set to 4, and I thought it should be 2. Car runs for shit when it is set to 2. I assume the tables are tuned based on that and other settings? At some point I will take photos and post the completed project.
I do plan on Dyno time in the near future, but not until I understand more about what makes it all tick.

flydaddyskidz 11-06-2011 05:23 AM

Ok, I found that 2 squirts per engine cycle with simultaneous injector staging is the same as 4 squirts with alternating staging. Duh. I assume 2 squirts and simultaneous is correct?

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