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dvcn 12-23-2011 12:13 PM

1.6 Fidanza aluminum flywheel w/ Gripforce clutch
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Use of this flywheel as is will likely result in the instant removal of your legs at the least but more likely a bloody death.

I feel this is a pretty good full disclosure.

Used 1.6 Fidanza aluminum flywheel
The ring gear is loose. This is an extremely bad situation. The center hole that captures the pilot bearing is slightly too large. A machine shop should be able to remedy both of these issues. You are on your own. See the above warning. Regardless of what your mom(and/or special ed teacher) tells you, you ARE responsible for the consequences of your actions.

Used 1.6 Gripforce F1 Stage 3 clutch/pressure plate
Purchased from 949racing. After a LONG break in period it held power perfectly even with repeated R-comp and drag radial full on launches. It works. That being said I would never recommend this clutch to a friend or even an enemy.

Contrary to popular belief, a 1.6 setup will hold power for most people just fine. With this flywheel, an Exedy stage 1 lasted 30k miles with 300+ full on launches including a 12.56 pass.

I have changed to a 1.8 setup to accommodate future, much higher, hp goals. The1.8 11lb flywheel feels like a boat anchor compared to the small Fidanza, almost sluggish.

$60 shipped in the USA

As usual, there is a SIGNIFICANT discount to active duty military.

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