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Default Enhanced MS2 + Wideband CAN Module Issues

I'm having a problem getting my wideband CAN module talking to my Enhanced MS2 and I'm wondering if anyone here has had a similar problem:

I bought the MS2e here 9/2014, and the CAN module from Trackspeed on 6/2015. The ECU just (as in this morning) got back from Greece where Reverant updated it to a newer firmware compatible with the CAN module.

Today I plugged it in and started a new project, it detected MS2Exta comms340tM. I loaded the Enhanced_MS2_CAN_105.ini file as CAN1 to get access to the "enhanced" features. So far so good. Basic settings looked good. All the sensors checked out, except the wideband.

I turned the ignition off, plugged in the Wideband CAN module and turned the ignition back on. My plan was to follow the instructions Reverant sent me last year, instructing me to "In TunerStudio, go to CAN-Bus/Testmodes → CAN VSS, Gear, EGO, GPS". Unfortunately that option still doesn't exist for me?

I scrolled further down in the instructions hoping to setup the CAN module so I can at least configure it. Doing the same procedure I did for the "enhanced" module, I loaded CAN Wideband Module V101.ini as CAN9. The menu appeared and I can see the basic configuration, but something else is going on. After a lot of testing, I determined simply having the Wideband CAN module plugged in causes Tunerstudio to have communication issues. I can connect, my gauges load for a second, and then things start to stutter and pause. Eventually I see one of the following errors:

At some point in my troubleshooting I managed to deduce the existence of CAN Wideband Module V102.ini as well as Enhanced_MS2_CAN_108.ini. Upgrading my Tunerstudio configuration to any of the combination of config pairs didn't seem to help.

Some interesting facts I collected:
  • The power light was lit on the Wideband Module
  • The SERIAL and CAN lights on the Wideband Module were active
  • Occasionally I was able to see an appropriate AFR measurement in Tunerstudio
  • Occasionally I was able to connect to the module and change the Protocol from "REQ/RSP" to "CMD" which would fix the accuracy of the AFR gauge
  • I've verified CANH and CANL inside the Wideband Module are properly connected to Pin 8 and Pin 9 on the DB-37 connector respectively.
I'm curious if anyone has any more up to date documentation? The mslabs.gr website is a little lacking...
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