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  1. MSPNP B-Stock Sale
  2. MSPNP Pro Back Order Wait Time
  3. We're hiring for an EFI support tech!
  4. A digital dash in a gauge sized package
  5. Black Friday sale - 10% off!
  6. DIYAutoTune Black Friday sale - 10% off
  7. Peak and hold injector driver box
  8. New T-shirts to match our new website
  9. Racepak adapters and dashes now available!
  10. The new website is live!
  11. Check out the new website, give some feedback
  12. Black Friday sale! 10% off anything at DIYAutoTune
  13. Announcing the AMP EFI clinic, Sept. 5-6, Chaska, MN
  14. The MS3-Pro and MSPNP get a new home page
  15. 10% off all orders through Cyber Monday
  16. Help test our cart (with some incentive)!!
  17. Innovate's new wideband / boost controller
  18. DIYAutoTune.com 202 MPH Sale - 10% off assembled ECUs!
  19. New product: Power and ground wire bundle
  20. Can't order off of website
  21. Production tech job opening
  22. PRI trade show - Indianapolis, Dec. 12-14
  23. Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale: 10% off
  24. 6 way switch panels on sale - only $84!
  25. Innovate LC-2s - now shipping at DIYAutoTune.com!
  26. Innovate LC-1 blowout sale!
  27. 6 circuit switch panels
  28. 650 and 1000 cc Miata high impedance injectors
  29. We're hiring! Entry level sales and support
  30. New arrivals - canister filters and green AFR gauges
  31. Gen 1 MSPNP blowout sale!
  32. DIYAutoTune.com is hiring for entry level EFI support!
  33. Black Friday discounts at DIYAutoTune.com start early!
  34. DIYAutoTune.com will be at PRI, Nov. 29-Dec. 1, Orlando, FL
  35. Aeromotive products have landed at DIYAutoTune.com!
  36. '99-'00 Miata test mule needed for MSPNPs
  37. The banner ad we didn't release (because it took way too long to download)
  38. '96-'97 Miata Gen 2 MSPNPs are out now!
  39. New Clearance section of our catalog!
  40. Weld in injector bungs
  41. Our latest team member needs no introduction (so I'll introduce him anyway).
  42. This is hilarious!
  43. Black Friday coupon at DIYAutoTune.com!
  44. Shadow Logger - MegaSquirt to Android interface
  45. DIYAutoTune.com now has a YouTube channel!
  46. It's another "Like our Facebook Page" coupon promo!
  47. Gray shirts and hoodies now available
  48. New QuadSpark ignition modules
  49. Over 19,000 RPM on a bench test...
  50. 99 ms3x drop in solution?
  51. We're adding more tools to the catalog
  52. Diybob
  53. "Like" DIYAutoTune.com on Facebook to help unlock a new coupon
  54. All wideband o2 products by Innovate Motorsports on sale
  55. Suggestion box up on Facebook
  56. Should DIYAutoTune.com offer a learn to solder kit?
  57. The Countdown Sale is back!
  58. JimStimX!
  59. SALE @ DIYAutoTune.com! 13% off today!
  60. Any Special planed for Easter?
  61. Innovate MTX-L gauges are here!
  62. SX Performance parts - get them while they're on special!
  63. FYI - ice problems in Atlanta
  64. Christmas specials - 10% off orders over $200, 5 days only
  65. Big savings for this Thanksgiving weekend!
  66. MSPNP--The best value in Miata EMS just got better
  67. VVTuner is here!
  68. Special coupons on MegaSquirt + LM2 or SX Fuel Pump packages
  69. New look for our website, and MS3X harnesses
  70. Get ready for VVT control!
  71. MS3X Expansion Cards...
  72. Anyone looking for a CDI version of our IGN-1A coils?
  73. We've got a book out now!
  74. DIYBOB adapter boards
  75. IGN-4 coil packs
  76. Lower Prices On Innovate Wideband Kits
  77. IGN-1A race coils - as used on our turbo Miata
  78. Christmas discounts from DIYAutoTune.com
  79. EFI Tuning Technologies class at DIYAutoTune.com - this February
  80. DIYPNP Sequential Upgrades!
  81. 10% off DIYPNPs ordered through October 1st!
  82. Look what just arrived - Miata fuel pumps
  83. MegaMeet pictures and presentations
  84. New T-shirt design - "MegaSquirt Your Mind"
  85. Really big fuel pumps
  86. MegaMeet 2009 - April 18th, Suwanee, Georgia
  87. New EBC solenoids are here
  88. Happy Holidays from DIYautotune.com!
  89. LC-1 with digital gauge - prices slashed
  90. November Coupon(s) at DIYAutoTune.com - You'll like these...
  91. We've got another product out that will work great on OBD-2 Miatas.
  92. Megasquirt meet, April 19th, Suwanee, Georgia
  93. MSPNP MM9697 Release tonight at midnight!
  94. Why is DIY putting a BP in a Nova?
  95. Any news on Mspnp for 96/97?
  96. The DIY Autotune Turbo Miata has its own page now...