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  1. Post pics of you DIN gauge setup
  2. :facepalm: Oil Psi Gauge?
  3. injector sticking?
  4. After a little while im back
  5. MOMO Street Racer GT seat
  6. These Little Bastards
  7. Broken Differential Housing after being rear-ended!
  8. Semi-urgent help needed
  9. Pressure Plate Bolts
  10. Problem mounting gauges in DIN
  11. Call out to Frog Arms owners
  12. For the love of god! (CAS Question, and others)
  13. Charcoal canister being boosted
  14. Keep blowing out boost gauges
  15. what road should i take?
  16. NA 1.6 weight reduction: Upgrade to 1.8 water pump and alt tensioner: Save 1.5 lbs
  17. Walbro 255
  18. How hard is a 1.8L engine swap for someone who is a noob?
  19. 99 hicup
  20. build or buy?
  21. I think I got sent the wrong water pump, can you identify it?
  22. How can I prevent this TOB noise...
  23. headlights stuck up :(
  24. crank but no start
  25. Speed related vibration
  26. Used motor, good deal?
  27. How is interior windshield post trim removed?
  28. recomend a 1 3/4" water temp gague
  29. ticking/rattle under decel
  30. Which Lube to Use?
  31. apexi avcr & IAT wiring question
  32. Can a trans fit in the passenger side of a miata?
  33. Thinking about a Borla XR1
  34. IIT: We discuss our friend Murphy.
  35. EMERGENCY!!! belt question.
  36. My wheels bug me...
  37. my latest non-turbo idea
  38. Non-turbo miata autox class?
  39. car wont start but cranks
  40. Heater hose leaking coolant
  41. I fail at searching - thread with what turbo people were running?
  42. Is 225/50/15 going to fit?
  43. what wb gauge color is easiest to read in the sun?
  44. 10 ga wiring + Relays + Cibies ecodes + Narva 100/90W H4's = lighting win
  45. Please help with oil leak
  46. Ever kill an idle valve?
  47. Where can I buy one of these
  48. Calling all fabricators: Can you make these? (vented triangle windows)
  49. best way to run 12v straight from the battery?
  50. Alternator Interchangeability?
  51. Miata towing... '99 Frontier
  52. More fail!! Help needed
  53. Radiator options?
  54. A/C idler identification
  55. Throttle plate seal
  56. MSM 6 speed
  57. Water/Meth Install Help! Locals?
  58. Vin Check please!
  59. 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 Physical size
  60. Something came home with me today
  61. First post on miata turbo
  62. Engine builder needed (TX)
  63. Blew off both of my belts
  64. Snowboard rack
  65. Rear defrost switch for EBC to MS use...
  66. How much hp is the stock pump good for?
  67. Funniest/stupidest things people have said about your miata.
  68. What is the proper name for this differential part
  69. I'm a retard
  70. Cost of honing / how simple is clutch swap?
  71. Removing rounded exhaust manifold bolts
  72. Should I buy this car, or just start from stock?
  73. How do I remove the heater controls?
  74. apexi/greddy bov flange
  75. Tires - RS3's vs R1R's
  76. Pics of good spot to tie into tach wire for tachout on 90-93
  77. Coolant spray
  78. lost all engine power, broke down, died.
  79. What is the best inexpensite soft top out there?
  80. Clutch Failure need opinions!
  81. 0-60 - having a hard time
  82. Badass split lock bolts/fasteners
  83. AirBag Sensor on NB - WHERE?
  84. Reliable Inexpensive Mechanical Boost Gauge
  85. Parallel fam mod FAIL
  86. Methods for tightening suspension after bushing install
  87. RX7 850cc injectors. PnP?
  88. broken hvac slider, how to replace?
  89. VIS CF hood with Vent
  90. A/C condenser Questions
  91. Took the plunge and bought some CF
  92. 99 dash stuff not working
  93. nb guys, where's your temp sit?
  94. Need a 2006 wiring diagram
  95. Corksport exhaust
  96. NA or NB wich one ?
  97. Which roll bar to purchase?
  98. Friday afternoon valve cover fun (warning lots of iPhone pics)
  99. Prevalance of failure of stock FPR?
  100. Boosted and moving to a smog state (MA). Need help!
  101. Track crew - Do you miss your DD miata?
  102. Help with miss firing!!
  103. HELP, wtf is this [dont swear in thread titles, moron] i found under gauge cluster!
  104. dispute with "pdexta"
  105. Austin, TX Inspection? Anyone w/o EGR?
  106. Does such a device exist?
  107. Paypal dispute with "MiataMX5"
  108. Replacing plastic window
  109. AAC Flush Headlights
  110. First Startup
  111. Water Temp Sensor Failure?
  112. ARP head stud and head installation clearance?
  113. To do before dyno?
  114. Knock sensor and VSS sensor??
  115. Open injector and bent rods question
  116. Hesitation at ~3,800-4,100
  117. Misfire at high RPMs
  118. Worry about whirry noise? (timing belt tension and pulleys)
  119. What is the best year miata to buy?
  120. How do I wire in resistors for low ohm injectors
  121. How many bolts hold the crank pulley boss to the timing gear?
  122. check this out
  123. DIY Dual Feed... longer to crank?
  124. Looking to buy my first Miata, help please. Is this actually an M edition?
  125. Gobble/turkey sound coming from near turbo when letting off gas?
  126. How much do you think this is worth??
  127. maine new hampshire area
  128. How much did you pay for your miata?
  129. Foam seat
  130. Braided lines for turbo question
  131. The Disassembly
  132. Where to find lexan glass cutout for hardtop
  133. Speed sensor needed
  134. Turbo + ITB's on a miata.
  135. 99 head in NA, Intake Manifold vacuum lines
  136. Fuel injection line
  137. cruise control with boost
  138. Injector Insulators
  139. Who belongs to this Miata?
  140. Taller folks, what roll bar are you rockin?
  141. Help me find my oil leak
  142. NB passenger airbag removal
  143. hardtop crew: assemble, tell my about the window seal
  144. Paging all Garret Turbo owners-- sound from turbo at startup????
  145. Help with injectors fast if you could.
  146. My NB Craigslist Miata
  147. difference automatic gearbox NA
  148. Where to post Spec Miata donor car for sale?
  149. Cooling System Census
  150. Help with water lines
  151. Cold weather-related clutch and transmission woes
  152. Driveline noise while in gear decelerating
  153. BEGI Reroute leak #2.
  154. Painting my NB
  155. Why do my RX7 injectors not fit?
  156. NA to NB alternator differences?
  157. Recent clutch swap, hard to get out of reverse now.
  158. 6-spd problem
  159. ABS Tsi's
  160. Is it normal for a Miata engine to be this loud?
  161. We need a new online source for shrouding plastic.
  162. 2000 miata fire...wtf?
  163. NO POWER aka no Balls aka slower than shit
  164. ITT you may vote for my aero
  165. ChaserAero hoods
  166. to swap or not to swap
  167. Voltage Drop with A/C (Now voltage spike while driving)
  168. Motor blew lastnight
  169. Camshaft damaged.
  170. How to: NB to NA alternator swap
  171. My sister's MSM won't make boost for some reason...ideas, give them to me
  172. need help figuring out if car has LSD
  173. Big setback in my build...
  174. Neutral switch issues- Car runs out of gear but not in- Post "wire tuck"
  175. Does trying to start car without ground strap damage alternator or ECU?
  176. levnubhin, I would have never guessed.
  177. Where to get Deatscheworks injector replacement O-rings?
  178. 12psi club
  179. Daily driving the miata
  180. I know it's MiataTurbo, but what do you guys think is a good price for this?
  181. Mini Cooper S SC Conversion
  182. clutch squeaks after a long drive
  183. If you have wheel spacers, Read this! Help!
  184. LC-1 works...most of the time
  185. Probably Very Politically Incorrect but I had to ask.
  186. Are Mishimoto radiators any good?
  187. Got an aluminum flywheel? Come in...
  188. what do you think about the..
  189. Oil pump failure, pictures of destruction inside...
  190. Rough Ryder? arrrgh damnnnn it
  191. Oil temps on the track
  192. fuel lines, feed/drain
  193. simple question, yes i searched
  194. limits of a miata motor?
  195. WTF is this vacuum line thing?
  196. Just showing off my reroute, I know like we need another.
  197. BEGI coolant reroute spacer and 99/00 water neck - incompatible
  198. 1.6 and 1.8 coolant temp sensors????
  199. To go EWG or to not?
  200. Fans not coming on, car getting hot
  201. Oh fukn help me. It's the end. What is this sound my engine is making?
  202. Name that bolt (again)
  203. cant get new motor to idle :( (hydra)
  204. don"t know what i should do
  205. Dual fan power connection, noob elect question
  206. Stock 1.6 cat dimensions
  207. CAI!! For an NC, recommendations?
  208. The Holy Grail Re-route is Realized
  209. MSM Registry...
  210. Wanted: Free pdf of '02 owners manual
  211. sometimes you just have to say i screwed up
  212. hardtop question...
  213. mk iv supra headlights on a miata?
  214. Miata Hardtop?
  215. lolz... who is that?!
  216. Outer CV joint (halfshaft) snap ring question
  217. What to buy?
  218. To keep or remove ABS braking
  219. Fresh rebuild. No oil pressure. Need moral support! - Now a story of triumph!
  220. If there was ever a time I needed help this is it! Help before I cry!
  221. Working on Depowering Steering Rack
  222. '03 CAS???? Where TF is this supposed to go?
  223. may be a dumb questions but please help?
  224. how do i remove half shafts from a 96-05 diff
  225. msm problems
  226. 2010 Mustang GT FTL
  227. BEGI coolant reroute block off plate leaking.
  228. Anyone Using Enthuza Budget Turbo Racer Exhaust
  229. where to go for consumables?
  230. Anyone make an ERG "SIM"
  231. Erratic Coolant Temps, Befuddled
  232. Reusing roll bar bolts and locking nuts?
  233. Flirting with Disaster
  234. Thread pitch for slave cylinder
  235. Dumb oil question
  236. Does this mean I'm now one of the cool kids?
  237. difference between 90-93 and 94-97 brake calipers?
  238. Car runs again, but no spark on 1 & 4 after new coil
  239. Miata at junk yard
  240. Roll Bar Connected to Windsheild
  241. All done for now.....
  242. okay, this one's really got me.
  243. Cat delete pipe
  244. does anyone know a hitman?
  245. Got some photos updated for you guys
  246. compression testing
  247. Tired of your Miata not having a clock?
  248. OK to use a little sealant on injectors?
  249. What a pleasant surprise!!!
  250. My New Custom DP and a little donut vid