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1SIKZ31 11-21-2009 12:09 AM

Buying a Used M45 Kit - Having Hard Time Finding Info!
Buying a used M45 kit from a buddy...
I've been google searching "m45 miata" and have come across TONS of links and sites, including this one about information on this particular kit but I cant find the answers to a few quick questions I have for some reason.

From what I understand I am getting a 00' Miata JRSC M45 Hotside kit with the stock boost pulleys.
I am installing this on a 01' Miata, and found that the only difference in the kits is the pipe between the MAF and the supercharger itself... Which I will figure out later.

Well here are the questions:
1.Will the 00' Miata Powercard that comes with the JRSC kit fit my 01' Miata? Because IIRC the 00 miata is a RETURN fuel system and my car is a RETURNLESS fuel system.

2. I know that with the "stock boost" pulley, it runs about 6psi which does NOT require any timing changes. If I upgraded my pulley to run 8psi of boost, will it be required to retard ignition timing though I will be using 93 octane fuel? ... What if I intercooled it as well?

3. Lastly, For whatever reason I am afraid to install a "Second hand" kit because of problems with parts missing or what not. I downloaded the Jackson Racing Installation PDF document and read it twice already and each time it is confusing as hell! No wonder why they say it takes 8 hours to install, it feels like I will be using 5 of those hours trying to figure out the instructions!

This kit will be going in a 01' Bone stock LS Miata with the 1.8 VVT.
This isn't really my project car, just my Daily driver, but would love it to have 170-200rwhp.
I don't have the budget for an M62 kit, nor have the need for it.

I would really appreciate some answers to these questions, thanks!

Full_Tilt_Boogie 11-21-2009 12:14 AM

1) I dont know if the power card will work, but I do know that youd be much better off with another real EMS.
Also, 99-00 is a returnless fuel system that operates at ~60 PSI, and I think the 01+ are the same

2) If youre intercooler you may be able to get away with no timing retard on 8psi, but it would be close, especially if youre using shitty EMS (Like the powercard for instance)

3) I wouldnd expect anything less from jackson racing

Bond 11-21-2009 12:52 AM

1. Cluck cluck. Most here will tell you to ditch the powercard and chances are you will have to because of the year change and fuel system, although I have zero first hand experience with this. Megasquirt is what most run on here.

2. Pulling timing would probably help. A WB02 will help you tune obviously. Listen for knock I guess?

3. Never installed an SC but I would think it would be easier than a turbo install seeing as you don't have to fuck with the exhaust. Basically just bolt it on, nothing too complicated.

RunninOnEmpty 11-23-2009 07:53 PM

PM me your email address, and I will send you some old pics and notes of my 99 install from a while back. Should help you out a bit.

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