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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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Default How to get started

Yep another noob post :/
Bought my second miata couple months ago (1997, 81k miles) and from then onward i've really been thinking of going FI. Watched car passion channel vids, looked on forums, looked and looked.. and I still can't seem to find someone else who's actually written up about their build for my year. all i've seen is people doing it on 1.6s and saying "oh yeah this is different on 1.8" which really doesn't help me. So what I would like to know is what is different from boosting a 1.6 and a late 1.8? Another thing. Compression tested the cyls today. Numbers were
Cyl 1: 170psi
Cyl 2: 170psi
Cyl 3: 160psi
Cyl 4: 155psi
Good? bad? I read somewhere new BPs put out 180psi brand new.
Once I learn more I plan on picking up a wideband o2. I plan for some moderate really nothing big. It'll still be my daily. T25, 7psi max, intercooled, stock ecu.
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The biggest issue with your compression test is not having compression of 155 and not 180. It is the fact that the cylinders have a 15psi difference in compression. If you do a wet test on Cyl 4 it will show solid. It's the rings.

Your options are to
A) Boost this engine. I may last, it may not. You may spend a ton of money just to destroy an already weak engine.
B) Find a low mileage (compression AND leakdown tested engine) BP. Think reputable JDM engine importers.
C) Build your engine. Obviously, most expensive (although option A may be the most expensive in the long run. Blow the engine, have to use B or C anyways.).

I think you ought to do the reading on the 1.6 and 1.8 yourself. There's plenty of material on the forum. Limiting factor of torque is the rods, and they share the same rods.

If you are on a steep budget, and classifieds for intercooler/engine management.

There's a Megasquirt 3 in the classifieds now. May be a good time to jump on it if you are serious about your project.
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