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By: y8s
Today 09:36 AM

Don't think for a second you need an adaptronic. Any system that can run in parallel and share sensors and has enough outputs can handle the work. Honestly everything is easy except dialing in...
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Today 09:32 AM

Dark purple is the steam vent? Not sure what the mustard line is for. Edit: Also, you'll need to cap off the miata radiator cap.
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Today 09:28 AM

I disagree. Pin 3O from the ecu supplies 12V for the IACV. ...
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Today 09:23 AM

10-4 Ted! Things are getting "interesting"...befo re I show the data, let me explain some of the reasoning behind the changes. First, with the RPM seemingly being a more predominant factor, I've...
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Today 09:07 AM

My hubs only have an alum washer on the front face and I do see the washer glued in the race face of the rear. Does anyone know if the inner race can be purchased separately to avoid dealing with...
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Today 08:59 AM

I just picked up a Pi too. My android tablet dash is nice but being able to run real tunerstudio and Linux will be infinitely better.
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Today 08:48 AM

I bet that S52 e30 was fun. I've had a few BMWs in my time. good cars, but so expensive to modify! Do you still have the E30?
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Today 08:08 AM

Really sorry to hear that. Hope things get better for you.
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Today 07:48 AM

Fixing what is wrong > creating a new set of problems
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Today 07:36 AM

Really depends on your ability to fabricate. You could save yourself the headache and get a prefab one from MKturbo and tons of other choices. I currently have FM intercooler and will be making new...
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Today 07:15 AM

Timing rising edge versus falling edge?
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Today 04:37 AM

I found this spring on Summit, not sure if it helps https://www.summitracing.com/parts/slp-vs-651/
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By: HarryB
Today 03:27 AM

That would make a wild rat rod
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Today 03:20 AM

I feel like this is a common theme for a lot of the NASA regions... I've been trying to push some people towards ST5 locally but it's hard to convince people when I'm not able to be out there running...
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By: mj1176
Today 02:52 AM

use the basemap you downloaded. the version mismatch should be fine, tunerstudio will throw you some errors related to the names of certain parameters when you first try to load the file but it'll...
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By: Madjak
Today 01:58 AM

I just fitted some Ferodo pads which are FRP502. They are a similar shape to the PFC 7754 pads and required a little bit of trimming with a cut off disk so that the backing plates didn't interfere...
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Today 01:10 AM

https://cimg9.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.miataturbo.net-vbulletin/2000x1504/c1625029_7c93_4924_8 ce8_9d7ff050f056_ed6 db3fa1668ec7e0f6be59 d6f5a621485e62b88.jp eg
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Today 01:08 AM

Shifter is sold
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Yesterday 11:50 PM

Got the Paco seat lowering kit in. It's a little annoying, but not hard. Seat position is good! Kind of reminds me of doing a foamectomy except I got better leg room. Before, my left knee kept...
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Yesterday 11:34 PM

Olderguy tells me he stopped making the o2 clamp. Anybody have one for sale?
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