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Default Hybrid engine mounts

Looking at 949's and similar setups it seems they choose to mix APR poly mounts on the passenger side with Mazda Comp on the driver. It seems backward to me.

With the car in first, e-brake on, and slipping the clutch for a second the shifter lurches right. So it would seem that it would be pulling on the Mazda Comp mount and pushing on the APR. In the idea of longevity should it be the other way around? Pull on the poly bolted part instead of all that tension on just bonded rubber?

I have the APR mounts now on both sides. The engine internals were balanced and it has the SuperMiata damper. It really isn't bad NVH. . . well tolerable for street if no A/C no P/S and poly everywhere else is okay to you.

I have the old Mazda Comp mounts here and was thinking I might limit some of the rattles by doing the hybrid thing. I know it may not be, "This combination allows only a tiny bit more vibration than two Mazda Comp rubber mounts but with about 80% less engine movement." exactly.

Curious if I'm thinking of this backward, or would going MazdaComp on the compression side maintain the stiffness in shifting, but lower the NVH so that things in the console don't rattle so bad.

Pic for reference

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Hybrid engine mounts-80-supermiata_hybrid_motor_mount_6bf25ceb896e5aa89dcd0edb827f6d393aa37adb.jpg  
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You have the materials needed for the test, and interest in the results...

Get cracking

Regarding vibration/noise, normally you only need one transferring point to get it transferred.
You might get all the noise and vibration and nearly all of the movement, exactly the opposite of what you are looking for.
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True. Doing a brake upgrade currently. Maybe after that I'll see it I can figure out some form of androind app to measure vibes across all three options. Wish I had a dial caliper to measure how far the shift **** moves.
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I don't know the answer but I ordered the hybrid setup from 949 two days ago. I knew my comp mounts probably needed replacement and didn't want to spend a bunch right now. It was a compromise. The NVH benefit seemed like a plus even though I don't street drive much. I figured I could always get the other side later if I wanted. I also figured Emilio is pretty sharp and wouldn't market the wrong side of the engine for the comp mount.
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My experience is that solid mounts on both sides sucks without a balanced/blueprinted motor. But with a well balanced engine they are very tolerable. I daily my car with those stiff mounts now and it's not bad.

I agree putting a soft mount on the drivers side isn't ideal for reliability. My guess is doing it the other way around probably makes a 10 to 20% reduction in NHV vs both stiff mounts.
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