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Default Natural Gas, CNG

Ive been thinking about this for a while, and the hydrogen thread made me decide to post. It seems to me, that logically compressed natural gas would not work very well for a turbocharged car, but i have no scientific backup for that thesis. My mom just got a CNG cicvic for commuting, and the stuff is like 1.50 a gallon. Is there any way that CNG would work with a turbo engine, i know modifying a regular engine to run on it is relatively simple.

Alright then, discuss.
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**** hydrogen......E85 is where its at
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CNG tends to create a good bit of heat around the ex valves, and a turbocharged system might make that problem worse. Gas engines converted to CNG will sometimes fry heads as a result. I have absolutely no idea what CNGs detonation properties are, but I do know that the safety regs regarding the tank will be a nightmare.

LPG has that same issue, but it does resist detonation pretty well and its probably a good bit more available in most areas.

In the end, this is a solution in search of a problem. 95% of the vehicles on the road should be diesels anyway.
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With regards to LPG, the BTU's lower so you will see a 20-30% reduction in power. At least that's what I have seen on generators, etc that can be set up for either gasoline or LPG.
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Dont you just run with a "richer" overall AFR the same way you do with E85 which has lower BTUs by about the same amount?
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