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Default Slipping adjustable cam gears

There are at least two accounts of slipping Fidanza/FM five nut/stud adjustable cam gears from MT members. Said people had tq'd the nuts to 45in lbs per FM instructions. I did a bit of looking around and found no recommendations on here or mnet to keep them from slipping but a few honda people recommended some blue loctite to keep them in place. Anybody have input?

This is why I am concerned:
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no experience with gears like yours, mine have never had issues. Just looking at the pic, I see the slot is fairly wide, and a lock washer it looks like under the nut. The tang of the lock can slip into the slot, and not provide a good lock. I might recommend a star * type washer, but I would bet you could trim a flat washer like a D and put it behind the lock washer. It looks like you need the D, as the slot/stud is quite close to the rim on the gear.
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Me three for issues.
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I use red loctite on mine and never have had an issue. For some reason I thought this was common knowledge.
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I've never loctited mine, and I've never had an issue. I've used them for five years, 20,000 miles and plenty of bursts to 8,000 RPM.

If loctite wont do it, I'd personally just go with boundary's
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Is your engine interference within the adjustments of the gears? If not, just throw some blue locktite on and don't worry about it. If they slip, just put them back where they were.
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use locknuts if your concerned. those look like standard hardware.

or see if you can get small diameter nordlock washers, those are used in industrial applications all the time when something is not allowed to get loose.
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I think I came across a couple of non Miata forum a while ago where Fidanza's actually broke.

I'm hopefully going to have a set made by CDF Racing over hear in the UK when my group buy goes through. Apparently they make stuff for some US rally teams, so should be good spec's.
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