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Default I'm ashamed for my friend

This is our pit bull, with his 'friend.' He used to be badass, pulled the ear off of one of his buddies one time. Now look at him....

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Na Na hes just passed out from a hard night. The cats gonna get paid.
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Check out my part outs.
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That kinda dog cat love I never understood. I had a cat once and him and my oldest dog (only dog at that time) used to cuddle up just like that. Then I got another dog, (jack Russell beagle mix) and she is my buddy...she would torment that cat so bad...I loved it. I have appreciation for all animals that appreciate a good home, but **** that jerk off cat. That cat showed no appreciation to anything I provided, therefore my ex needed to get him outta my house before he got fitted with cement boots, or ended up in my teriyaki chicken.
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I too am ashamed for your friend.
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Thats awesome!
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I have know cats that would probably demolish most dogs under 50lbs, and pretty severely maul those larger before going down.

There was this stray by my place that I would feed once in awhile. Whole head was a mass of scars, I think he fought the racoons and lived somehow judging by the unholy sounds that emanated from the area at night some times. I had a lot of respect for that animal. I was going to take him in him if he was still around at the onset of winter, but he got hit by a car right in front of my place. Sucked. That cat was awesome.
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Reminds me of that old commercial where the guy wakes up in the middle of the night hearing some music. He goes out into his living room and sees his cat and dog slow dancing...lol.
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