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Default cycles vs time, what do you use?

I have been "trying" to tune accel enrich with no luck untill i reliezed that i had it looking at throttle position over cycles. Once i switched it to look at throttle position over time i have been able to make major improvements because I had been thinking it was how fast i move the throttle in a second

with other settings that have a choise between time and cycles, what do you use, and why?
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Originally Posted by Dlaitini View Post
with other settings that have a choise between time and cycles, what do you use, and why?
One is EGO control. I set it to cycles (24 seems to be the "common" number, for reasons that elude me) because the time it takes mixture to enter the engine, burn, and exit out the tailpipe varies with RPM.

Another is ASE. I leave that at seconds because, well, it's easier for me to think about.
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Cycles is the optimal, as the engine's timeline is measured in cycles, not seconds. If you can enter all values in cycles wherever you can, do that, although it does take some very basic understanding of RPM vs Time to do it. I first used time and then switched to cycles when I really was comfortable with that.

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I switched from time to cycles in TPdot and I can swear the car responds better to the throttle specially at higher RPMs.

BTW from the documentation I gathered that the TPdot integration still is over time, only the accel timer (i.e. for how much time the accel enrichment occurs) is switchable from time to engine cycles. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
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Resurrecting this thread ...

So is anybody else using cycles successfully? Ive been playing with AE settings and sounds like mr. pipefather is one of the few.
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Cycles makes more sense, can anyone who is using it offer any rough ideas on how to tune accel enrich in cycles?
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