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Default Begi manifold and piping

Has anyone else with the begi kit had to beat their manifold onto the studs with a rubber mallet? Seriously, shouldn't this thing just slide on? I don't even have the turbo on the manifold.

Also, having an issue getting the intercooler piping to line up on the cold side, havent evengot to the hot side. Thoughts, ideas prayers...?
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that's weird.
mine went on like butter
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Uhh...yeah, it should just slide on.

Check the flange surface for flatness on the manifold. Also, check the studs to make sure they are seated properly and perfectly straight.

Also, through some pics up of your intercooler situation and your manifold ****. There are tons and tons of variations of Begi parts that have been made over time. It helps if we can see what is going on.
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just putting the manifold on was not a problem. getting the manifold on while connecting the erg(?) valve was a major pita.

also found that when trying to mount the turbo to the downpipe there was not enough room for the washer and nut to get past the separated gasses pip. ended up having to pull the downpipe out.. connect it to the turbo. then mount the turbo to the manafold.
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after MANY emails and pictures, begi is sending me a tag to send the manifold back to them.
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I had bought a second hand begi manifold and it didn't slide straight on either. I think the problem with mine was because of the relief cuts. When the cuts were made the manifold closed slightly into the cuts - meaning the both outside ports had moved ever so slightly towards the centre. I had removed the 2 studs at the front of the block and put the manifold on, then tried to screw the studs back in, but they weren't going in square. So i enlarged the front top hole on the the manifold by a few mm and it gave me enough room to wriggle the manifold onto the studs without damaging them. It was a pain in the ***, especially because it shouldn't even have been an issue. But i guess thats just Sods law! My studs were all square into the block so i just put it down to the relief cuts
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On this on BEGI actually goofed, i sent them back the manifold and they enlarged the hole to the proper size. UPS should be dropping it off tomorrow.
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We have a 1.6 and 1.8 head sitting next to the milling machine. Every manifold is supposed to be check fit.

We are quite inventive with regard to finding new ways to screw something up.

When cutting the expansion slots on a new casting, we've not seen the slot close up any. After several hundred heat cycles, the slots will close up about about half the original cut.

The thermal expansion of the head does require more slop in the holes toward the ends of the manifold. Ideally, the center hole ought to locate the manifold and each successive hole towasd the ends should be slightly larger.

Don't try calculating the length change of a manifold at full EGT's. Its downright scary.

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I just tried mine, had to have aligned correctly before it slid on easily.
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