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Thumbs up NA6 Miata complete drivetrain swap

Hey Guys!

So I was recently in an accident, long story but the other person was completely at fault. My shell is trash now, the whole passenger side of the chassis has been crumpled. But besides the radiator the entire driveline is perfect. It's a 1990 1.6 5 speed, with a voodoo 2 turbo kit. My plan is to swap the whole engine, trans, and diff into another NA6 miata. I found a 1991 NA6 with a hardtop, and it is perfect for my purposes (mostly because it is really cheap) other than the fact it is an automatic. I know the whole engine and drivetrain will swap right in, but my question is will I have to modify the automatic car's wiring harness, or will it be plug and play? if not, would it be easier to modify the harness or just swap my entire 5 speed harness?

Thanks! I'll be sure to post a build thread as soon as I get started.
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I swapped an auto dash into my manual, there is at least 1 extra connector, i just left it open. IIRC there is only 1 wiring diagram for this car, so you may be good with the harness, but should probably use the manual ECU.

Make sure you align the PPF per the service manual.
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I've done a shell swap from a 1991 to another 1991 (so it was simple enough) and I found the easy way was to transfer the entire wire harness. This also opens up the opportunity to check various connections and route them as you please. I went ahead and re-loomed my harness while I had it out of the car. I would strip the entire new shell you have there and then begin stripping your car down saving what you need along the way.

With everything out of the way this job isn't bad, but since you'll have to transfer everything else (drivetrain) just like I have it'll need to be done in steps. Disconnect drivetrain wiring, unbolt the subframes, etc. If you do the subframe method you can technically lift the entire chassis off and drop the new one on.

The benefit to this is the opportunity to remove the airbag system and wiring, along with anything else you're not interested in keeping. I am not sure the wiring differences between an automatic and a manual so it might be easy enough to re-use the existing wiring, but you also need to think about difference between the cars like ABS, etc.
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