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Talking LS2 coil install (wasted spark)

So i finally installed my coils...
Attached you will see below the finished bracket and coils installed

The coils came with a stock GMC harness. I used this in conjunction with 2 connectors to tap into the miata wiring harness with 4pin connectors. This kept the install pretty clean and allows me to plug in the stock coils should i ever want to do so. I had Magnecore make me a custom set of 8.5mm plug wires that were 7 inches between LS2 terminal and Miata plug tip connections. This seems to be a nearly perfect fit.

LS2 coil install (wasted spark)-imag1020.jpg

Ebay coils--------------------------------$58
Plug wires--------------------------------$117
Aluminum sheet---------------------------$22
pins/clips/heatshrink/harness loom/wire-----$20
-----------------------------------------$217 + 20 hrs play time

Started after 1 revolution! it used to take about 3-6 before catching. The idle is smoother. The throttle seems more responsive, but this one might just be in my head. It no longer has occasional spark blowout or stumbling under load.
Is it worth it at this power level (220whp)? not really.
Is it worth it for day to day drivability? Yes!
Is it a good modification for more power? I am told that it is but that will come later.
Are these coils more durable than stock? I fried a set of stock coils last year at a track event. I will be putting these coils to test this weekend at Summit Point Main circuit. I am told that these will be tough as nails though.

My 99-00 wasted spark wiring diagram is also attached
LS2 coil install (wasted spark)-coil-wiring.jpg
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Looks great!

Mind sharing where you found the appropriate connectors for the coil pack wiring harness?
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i wish i could find the exact same plug as the coil pack... instead i got 2 female and 4 male water tight 4pin connectors from a local electronic supply store.

i cut the wires about 2 inches away from the stock coil plugs. On the harness side i put the 2 female plugs and on the coil side i put the 2 male plugs. the LS coil harness got 2 identical male plugs.
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Do you mind posting your map, after your LS2 coil install? I'm curious to see how yours is setup. And how much boost are you running?
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Are the connectors you were looking for on this page?
Coil On Plug & Ignition
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