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Default Nationals dyno tune

I just wanted to report a success that was had with a friend of mine's car out in Idaho. His name is Chuck, after getting off the dyno his car registered 132 horsepower on a 99 with an Adaptronic ECU, intake, exhaust, header, and a port matched intake. Other top cars in his class with many more mods register only a 150 but invest much more money into the tiny gains, and run "109 octane pump gas." The class regulates stock intake manifold, stock cams, pistons, and etc. Not bad at all I don't think. I was pretty impressed with the gains. He will soon be dyno testing the new COP system too, and I can't wait to see what gains are had with that.

As far as forced induction what is the highest horsepower Miata out there in unrestricted classes running the Adaptronic?
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Cool. so is this another CSP car?

If so the rules allow changes up to the intake ports and from the exhaust ports. but yeah motor is stock except for maintenance allowances. so he can change the manifold if he wants.

FYI I got 137.5 (SAE corrected) with my stock 99 motor. but that was with IRTB's. got 143 with the 01 motor.

I am hoping to get closer to the 150 benchmark with the adaptronics and pick up some midrange torque with the VVT. but I am swapping to a custom intake manifold, so hopefully that will work as well as the throttles.
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