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Default building a track slag :)

Hi thought its about time id post up some pics of my car and the small progress ive made.

welding repair to both sides.

performance 5 frail rail reinforcements fitted as my frame rails were crushed :/

gutting the interior to save weight.

view of rear spax coilovers.
So far ive taken engine and gearbox out so that i can swap a 99 head onto the block,
do a coolant reroute, fit a timing belt kit, and fit forged rods.

I have a 6 speed and matching rear diff waiting to be fitted.
going to mount the engine to engine stand via the exhaust side of the block awaiting the right bolts to do this. see here.

Ive been debating over which turbo for a while now and tbh iam still 50/50 iam thinking gt2860 for my goal of 260-280bhp at the wheels. but cant help thinking gt2871r.

Engine proves to be in good condition showing 5% leakdown. so want to run as is. I will fit forged rods for reliability I think standard pistons should be fine for my power goals?

Seeing the many threads on here about studs failing iam going with an ARTech v band manifold with ext wastegate and downpipe. just looking for a reliable setup.

Any thoughts and advice please post cheers

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holy **** that things rusty.

Good luck with the build - you want be disappointed with the Artech goods.

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Stab city!!
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Today I wanted to check alignment of timing belt before removal of head. The hardest part of the job was removing the front crankshaft pulley it seemed to be rusted on!!
anyhow heres some pics of where iam at.

Engine stand bolted to exhaust manifold side!

Whats this sensor for just above oil cooler?

view of the top of the pistons everythings looking fine but havent ran this engine on fi before.

original cyl head taken off on left. 1999 cyl head on the right waiting to go on.

Ive ordered up my Kia thermostat housing from local Kia. and also ordered up 2 thermostat spacers from Moss. 1 incase i **** the 1st one up and the 2nd to get it right

I want to pour parafin into combustion chambers in both heads wait half an hour then come back to determine what the 1999 head is like to the old one see if theres any leakage. Dont want to stick new head on and find out some of the valves are leaking!!!

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Originally Posted by delcbr View Post

Whats this sensor for just above oil cooler?
It's the 'dummy' oil pressure sender, get a real one from Autolink or the like along with an early gauge and you'll have something useful on the dash instead.
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