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Default OneTwo's impulse buy - Ruprecht

Well, I really really tried not to buy this car. Right smack in the middle of building a motor for my 96, I pull the trigger on this. Brilliant decision.

In the end, the parts included were just too good to pass on. The plan is to pull as much cash as possible back from selling off the shiny unnecessary bits and swapping the clutches with PD. Hoping I can build a nice spicy little daily from it. This car is rife for an MS3PNP/VVT swap in a year or two.

Photodump below!

The good parts
  • 95 Montego Blue - 140k
  • Blackbird GT3 6 point welded in (ugliest welds ever)
  • Auto to manual swap
  • Jenvey ITBS with both carbon and aluminum trumpets (To be sold and replaced with a factory STB)
  • OBX fuel rail
  • JR Header (Gonna try to trade for an RB)
  • Garagestar pullies
  • Mishimoto radiator and fan set up
  • Mtuned coolant reroute
  • 6 speed/4.30
  • 949 Twin disc (Going into the 96. This car will get a 1.6 fidanza/ACT HD)
  • ES diff bushings
  • MSM motor mounts
  • MSPNP2 w/LC-2 WB
  • Goodwin V4 11" front brakes
  • Prop valve
  • Brand new goodwin RS3 (To be sold)
  • ARP extended studs (one stripped)
  • 15x8 et 0 Rota RKR (Traded or sold for something with normal offsets)
  • 949 lugnuts and valve stems
  • MSM Bilsteins w/NB top hats
  • HID kit
  • Momo hub
  • Moroso catch can
  • Spare exhaust cam for exintake
  • Crap load of factory stuff

The Bad
  • Interior smells like its been hard parked repeatedly at rest stops.
  • EVERYTHING on this car is held to together with ONE BOLT. WHY???
  • Mold covered passenger seat
  • "Drift" harness/4 point of death
  • "Drift" button ebrake
  • Zerekfab dual caliper rear uprights
  • Rough Alpha-N tune
  • No sway bars installed
  • bubblegum welds on the roll bar
  • half-assed wiring everywhere
  • crappy DIY vacuum block
  • 6 AN fuel line dangling under the car
  • Front bumper punched in
  • Leaky soft top
  • Some serious WTF sound deadening - little tiny squares of fat mat all over
  • Wrong shifter for 6 speed, no tip bushing, no lower bushings
  • Missing lower shift boot
  • E-bay Nardi replica
  • Hard vacuum line to brake booster deleted - Why?

Attached Thumbnails
OneTwo's impulse buy - Ruprecht-17853992970_efc89978ab_z.jpg   OneTwo's impulse buy - Ruprecht-17854523050_e02beac02e_z.jpg   OneTwo's impulse buy - Ruprecht-17460973693_3853c8a0cf_z.jpg   OneTwo's impulse buy - Ruprecht-18078724862_3acc40c71f_z.jpg   OneTwo's impulse buy - Ruprecht-17893937160_5bd539587a_z.jpg  

OneTwo's impulse buy - Ruprecht-18082493371_ee90e004af_z.jpg   OneTwo's impulse buy - Ruprecht-17459081924_569e7395a1_z.jpg   OneTwo's impulse buy - Ruprecht-17458980814_44213c1b45_z.jpg  
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Originally Posted by OneTwo View Post

The good parts
  • Blackbird GT3 6 point welded in (ugliest welds ever)

The Bad
  • bubblegum welds on the roll bar

Good pickup. 60% riced for sure but the parts you don't want should fund some new hotness.

FWIW the welds on the landing plates aren't Moti. That's some hack *** **** and he doesn't weld in the gt3-6 points so that was done after the car left his possession. Doesn't change the fact that you have to deal with it... but just thought i'd mention I've never seen anything like that at his shop.

Full disclosure, I'm a friend of his and help out in the shop from time to time. So I'm sure I'm going to be perceived as a shill... either way. That's not his handiwork.
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Ha! I know for certain this hack job isn't Moti, you definately do not sound like a shill

My other car has GT3 6 point that Moti did install himself,and I knew going in he didn't install this. This was not installed by a fabricator of any sort. Sad considering the amount of coin spent on hard parts for this car.

The plan is to grind out as much as I can and have a local fab shop clean this up. Interior is already stripped and ready for sparks to fly.

*edit* re-read my initial post again and I see what your getting at. Roll bar fab is gorgeous, and 99.9% sure Moti did the work. The landing plates were welded in by some dipshit at a muffler shop, underwater or something. Hope that clarifies things!
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