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Default 1991 longnose Greddy, tons of upgrades, uglier than hell

I love the NA platform and will come back to it one day, but for now I need a break. A couple years ago I bought this car for $1000, and it was a total POS held together with zip ties. It's still a POS, but I fixed all the problems with it, and added thousands of dollars of performance parts, planning to move the whole setup over to a nice donor when I found one.

I'd like to sell the whole damn thing to a forum member. I spent a ton of time and money on the upgrades, but the head gasket is starting to go, and it's slowly dripping oil. You could tighten down the head and run 'er till she pops (it could last a few years according to my mechanic), fix it, or just move all the parts over to your 1.6. I'd say this is pretty much everything you need for a retardedly fast NA, with the exception of engine management and maybe sway bars.

I've lost most of the stock parts, or else I'd just take it back to stock and sell it for $800, then the parts separately myself, but that's a project in itself and I just ain't got the time. The chassis has under 114k miles, but it isn't pretty. Decent pics will come soon if there's any interest.

The parts I added, none of which have more than 2k miles (except tires/suspension, 3k). most have around 500:
Greddy kit, bought NIB from a forum member who changed his mind. 2k miles of low boost action. CARB sticker still in an envelope.
Stripes pipes and 18x12x3 IC, plus good silicone couplers and fasteners
Vortech FMU with a full set of recalibration discs bought from Summit
decent turbo blanket
I was lazy so I copied JoePerez' turbo oil return parts list. oil pan tapped, etc
eBay MBC
190HP fuel pump, new fuel filter
GFB VTA BOV from an old Flyin Miata MSM intake. noisy but it works.
2.5" Tony downpipe and cat
3" Enthuza catback exhaust
305cc green top Supra injectors, cleaned and flowmatched by Injector Rehab
New NGK plugs and blue wires
New radiator from an AT + new hoses
Upgraded the stock Greddy air filter with a K&N foam one
Three gauge-hole panel in the console, with a Innovate wideband hooked to an XD-16, an oil temp gauge that i never hooked up, and an open spot
Autometer boost gauge in left vent
Voodoo pistolgrip shift ****
Full 1.8 brake upgrade, w/ brand new Mazda OEM pads and brembo rotors
generic SS braided brake lines (best bang per buck upgrade on the car)
NB suspension upgrade w/ top mounts, NB KYB AGX shocks, Ground Control coilover kit+Eibach springs, FCM bumps
Momo steering wheel with a good quick release (NRG?)
2003 6-speed tranny, allegedly had 60k miles when I bought it. new shifter bushings, professionally installed. feels perfect.
ACT XT clutch and pressure plate
ACT flywheel, the <10 pound one
New clutch master cylinder, since the old one popped with that heavy XT
1.8 torsen LSD, fresh redline fluid
'99 NB alloys, ~3k mile new Kumho ASXes
toyota COPs, uninstalled. this was the full kit from Savington, here
soft top is some extremely cheap brand with a no-zip plastic window, but the window is clear and the material looks new.
Goofy looking Wizdom rear bumper cover, installed by previous owner. This is the only mod the PO installed that I kept on the car, mostly as a joke. Attached before and after pictures.
I'm probably forgetting some things

The bad:
salvage title.
radiator support is smooshed in the front and one of the popups is held on with zipties. operates but is crooked.
ghetto hood pins in lieu of latch
no AC
no radio
power steering rack; pump removed
messy job done on wiring the gauges, but it could be cleaned up
no windshield squirters
the soft top frame was obviously hammered back into shape when you look at it closely, but it raises and lowers with no problem.

$4880 is as little as I'll take without crying, though I'd appreciate a higher offer.

I reached my price by arbitrarily assigning value to all these parts based on what I figured they'd sell for fast on this forum/CL. When in doubt, I just set the price to 50% of what I paid for it, or less, with no account for labor. Then I added $500 for the chassis at the end, since there's still plenty of parts that could be vultured from it. I attached the spreadsheet in a .zip file. Questions?

(typing this at work, where my computer has no image editing. sorry for the shitty jpgs)
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1991 longnose Greddy, tons of upgrades, uglier than hell-before-.jpg   1991 longnose Greddy, tons of upgrades, uglier than hell-before2-.jpg   1991 longnose Greddy, tons of upgrades, uglier than hell-after.jpg  
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wanna part out 2003 6-speed tranny?? I am also in bay area (Dublin/Oakland). I have a 5 speeds tranny ..
let me know
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looks like you got couple parts that I am interested. I got stock parts if you want to convert it back.
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