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Default 2002 Mazda Miata Track Car

2002 Mazda Miata Track Car
82k miles, black
-BRP MP62 Supercharger with 60mm pulley, 10psi post-intercooler. 206 horsepower 196 ft. lbs. of torque The entire headunit was rebuilt by Jon Bond Performance including new rotors, bearings, snout, and oil. Has 2,000 street miles and 1 autox since rebuild. This was $1,432.
-Track Dog Racing intercooler with silicone couplers
-AEM FIC6 engine management tuned by Ken Hill
-440cc Fuel Injectors
-Walbro 255 lph high pressure fuel pump from 949 racing- 900 miles.
-Gen 2 Xida coilovers 700/400 hyperco springs with dual helper springs, and NB mounts, 9000 miles
-Wilwood 4 wheel big brake kit. Wilwood Dynalite 4 piston calipers and stainless lines for the front and brackets for larger calipers and rotors for the rear. DTC 30 pads. The front rotors and pads have about 200 miles. Also have zero mile, new in the box 949 stainless replacement lines as a spare.
-Wilwood Prop Valve
-15x9 Advanti S1 wheels with 2000 mile and one autocross 225/45/15 Rival S tires. All fenders are rolled flat. I was planning on going 15x10 245 Maxis RC1's eventually.
-949 Racing aluminum lug nuts949 Racing Organic Clutch with refinished flywheel. 12 miles
-JO Motorsports 5 speed Racing Transmission with 12 miles. This was $1,000. Calico coated, extremely durable, much tighter tolerances than factory spec. It was actually really nice…for all 12 miles.
-Flyin Miata Style Properly Depowered Steering Rack w/ new tie rod ends with 12 miles.
-Hard Dog Double Diagonal Hardtop Roll Bar with Padding and leather cover with harness bar.
-TDR High Capacity Aluminum Radiator
-TDR Radiator Shroud
-Mazdaspeed Comp Motor Mounts
-Flyin Miata 2.4 inch full stainless steel midpipe, catback exhaust, and high flow catalytic converter
-TDR Exhaust Manifold Heat Shield
-949 Racing Urethane Exhaust Hangers
-AEM Wideband Air/Fuel Gauge

-Autometer Boost Gauge
-Longacre Oil Pressure Gauge
-Longacre Oil Temp Gauge
-Oil temp/pressure oil filter sandwich plate
-TRD Air/Oil Separator
-949 Racing SuperMiata Sway Bar Kit (Racing Beat front bar, OEM rear bar, 949 racing spherical adjustable end links.
-Flyin Miata Frame Rails
-Boss Frog Under-Fender Chassis Braces
-Flyin Miata Strut Tower Brace
-Torsen 3.90 Differential
-Miata Turbo inspired DIY splitter and air dam. 6 inches past the front bumper. ˝ inch birch ply, .1 HDPE air dam, hung with 6 cables that can withstand 200 lbs of weight each. No side to side play, very solid. Lots of research and trials went into this. Can stand on it, no problem. The entire splitter and air dam Is fully removable in 9 minutes.
-Sparco Sprint FIA Seat
-Schroth Profi2 6 point camlock harness
-PCI Racing Seat Mounts
-Rennmetal Front and Rear tow hooks
-Trackspeed Engineering Brake Cooling Ducts/hoses and rotor air inlets. The front inlets and hoses are new in the box not installed.
-Mazdaspeed Motorsports Differential Mounts, not installed, new in the box.
-Clutch line, clutch master cylinder, and slave cylinder.
-949 6UL 15x8 set of wheels with terrible black plastidip finish.

This is the track car that I never tracked.Since owning it in September 2015, I put about 9,000 daily driver miles and 2 autocrosses. In April of 2016, the supercharger started making some bad sounds so I sent it to Jon Bond Performance and it was rebuild. Since this time, I put about 2,000 street miles on the car and one more autocross.The last autocross in August of 2016 Lime Rock Park the clutch gave it quits and I decided to retire it from DD duty and make it a dedicated track car. At this point, I stripped the car of all nonessential go-fast parts.I pulled the engine to fix a leak in the oil pan gasket, installed a JO Motorsports 5 speed transmission, 949 clutch, crafted a DIY splitter from the plethora of knowledge in the MT. Race Prep forum, and was ready to go. The maiden voyage, a full twelve miles, everything was perfect, ideal air/fuel ratio, the new transmission was shifting perfectly, I was pretty happy. The next day, I started it up and it was running fine, and then out of nowhere, the oil pressure dropped to 9 psi, it would move with revs to 30-40, but dropped to 9/8 at idle. There are no bad noises, but something is definitely wrong with the oil pressure. My guesses? There was definitely some oil sludge when I dropped the pan to fix the leak, perhaps some sludge is partially blocking an oil galley as it also sat for a long time when the supercharger was being rebuilt and from August until a month ago. Maybe the pump is bad? I am just done dealing with this project. I don’t have the heart to pull the engine again to figure it out. I figure if I do not get any serious bites over the next couple weeks, I will just part it out. I think a fair price is $10,000 considering I have way more than double into it and it needs very little to be amazing. The only other bad thing I can think of is that the turn signal stalk is broken, I hit it with the dash when removing it and it cracked.

What I would do if I were to keep it
Singular Motorsports GT250 Wing or Blackbird Fabworx Spoiler
949 Coolant Reroute
Singular Motorsports Hood Vents
Fix the oil pressure
Finish the radiator ducting
Actually go racing

Differential was changed at 75k miles with Redline.Transmission has Ford Motorcraft 12 milesOil is Rotella T6 5w 40 12 milesHas new radiator hoses, thermostat, spark plugs, and coolant. 12 miles.

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good sir did you start parting this out or is the car still whole ?
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Hi. Yes, sorry, I was just going to let the thread die, but most parts are gone. Mods, please delete this. Thank you.

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