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Default 2004 Mazda Mazdaspeed - $9850

Category: Import
Status: Rebuilt

I have a 2004 Mazda Mazdaspeed for sale, in USA - Florida.

Mileage: 37554 miles
Engine Size: turbo

Asking price is $9850

04 one owner, super nice,Titanium, Blk. cloth seats with red inserts. Garaged a must see. call for more info. 352 732 6011 Pics asap
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On a hunch, I used the Google... I am good.

Marino's Car & Trucks
2612 N Magnolia Ave Ocala, FL 34475

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Details on the rebuild? Please provide pics proving it is in your possession since you have no standing here. Pic of odometer with miataturbo.net. I am interested.
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^^^ It's a car dealer dude... I bet he doesn't even get on the site again..
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I saw the car at the All Florida Miata Meet. Its a nice car, no issues obvious from a careful walk around. With that kind of mileage it looks like a steal.
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If I was a mod...I'd remove the contact information.... *ahem*
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Thanks for the input Wes (that is Wes from Treasure Coast Miata if I am not mistaken). But I am passing on this one and might caution anyone in dealing with Marinos. I talked to him twice on the phone. He quickly disclosed it had a salvage title and was fixed before it came into his possession. He explained to me best he could what he know happened to it. Every thing seemed genuine and clean. He said he would send me pictures if I emailed him but he was on the road. (they never came) So I then called my bank about getting a loan on a car with a salvage title and they just needed additional details like who the insurance company was, damage location etc. So I called Marino back and instead of attempting to give me any of these details he quickly said I would never get the loan and to just don't tell them it has a salvage title. That completely threw me off track. If he is wanting me to LIE about the title what is he lieing about? I am in very good standing with my bank and in WV they hold the title, so they would know as soon as it came in the mail it was a salvage.

Integrity is one of my top items when car shopping. If I catch someone in 1 small lie (or in this case wanting 1 small lie) I am out of the deal, because 1 small can lead to many BIG.

Not bashing just stating my experience.
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I'm going to play devil's advocate on this one:

From the sounds of it. Marinos was perfectly honest and quick giving you the overall condition of the car along with trying to tell you its past. I see nothing wrong with his actions.

You came back with a problem with the bank. Not really something in his control. Marinos has probably dealt with banks and issues more then most people from his profession and gave you your only possible option if you want this car bad enough and don't have a flow for it.

Just my opinion... 2 cents
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Marinos is mostly right, banks have a lot of heartburn over loaning money on a car with a salvage or rebuilt title. The only problem is usually they want to see a copy of the title before they loan the money. He has lots of experience selling cars and knows how this goes down, the bank sees the title and either denies the loan or only will loan like $2-3k towards the purchase, then it is up to the buyer to come up with the rest, and if you didn't have enough cash to buy it outright $2-3k isn't going to make up the difference. That said, I wouldn't trust him at his word if he's trying to pull **** like that to sell the car.

Like all used cars, go see it in person and verify. The last turbo miata I looked at I spent 3 trips and 2 weeks to verify everything done to it (had a list of about 50 modifications, and the owner had no clue what the previous builder did to it). I finally made an offer but he sold it to someone else. I'm happy with the result because I don't want to own a car without knowing what I'm getting into.
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