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Disturbing Era of Falling Circumcision

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Default Disturbing Era of Falling Circumcision

It's really troubling that the circumcision rate has been dropping over the past few decades. I found this to be a really interesting article and I wanted to share it with MT.

Circumcision Rate Falls Despite Health Risks - NBC News

Nearly a quarter of newborn boys are not being circumcised, according to a new report. It's a trend that the researchers say could lead to medical complications for half of those boys over their lifetimes.

The rate of neonatal circumcision in the United States fell to just 77 percent in 2010 from a high of 83 percent in the 1960s, according to the report published Wednesday in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

The international team of researchers say that's worrisome because uncircumcised infants are at a greater risk for urinary tract infections, which can lead to kidney damage. Indeed, they cite research showing that intact foreskins lead to adverse medical conditions in half of uncircumcised men.

A review of the scientific literature found the health benefits of circumcision exceeded the risks by more than 100 to 1, said Brian J. Morris, lead author of the study and a professor emeritus of the School of Medical Sciences and Bosch Institute at the University of Sydney.

The most common medical problems associated with an intact foreskin are bacterial and viral infections, including urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases, Morris said.

There are other very serious medical conditions connected with the foreskin, including penile cancer, which has high mortality and is "extremely rare in circumcised men," Morris said. Prostate cancer rates may be 15 to 20 percent higher for uncircumcised men, he said, according to recent studies.

Doctors and parents should look at circumcision in the same way they look at vaccinations, Morris said. Parents might be hesitant to get their newborn sons circumcised, but they should recognize it as surgery that will improve health.

Dr. Michael Carr hopes that the new report will help educate parents — and politicians.

"There are 18 states for which it is currently not covered by Medicaid," said Carr, associate director of pediatric urology at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and an associate professor of urology at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. "African Americans and Hispanics already have a lower rate of circumcision and having to pay out of pocket may make it even more likely that it won't be done."

The new report may prompt doctors to advocate more for circumcision with parents.

"If parents don't want to vaccinate we ask why. And then we explain why it's beneficial," said Dr. John M. Fisch, director of Womancare at Magee-Womens Hospital. "Doctors haven't done that with circumcision. They've basically left it up to parents. This report suggests we need to educate more, especially among those groups who may not understand why it's beneficial."
What say you, MT?
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Pics or it didn't happen!

Seriously though, I don't see the need. I didn't have it done, neither of my sons did either. No issues as long as you keep your junk clean. There isn't really enough hard evidence that circumcision is needed. I don't think a comparison to vaccinations is fair.
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In for a bunch of men talking about the head of their dicks.

High-Performance Turbo Specialists - Sunnyvale, CA - Email us!

Originally Posted by codrus View Post
Basically I've come over to the camp of "If something is a reliability problem on the track, just ask Andrew and do what he says".
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I find it horrendous that we allow the mutilation of children’s genitals, whether it be female or male circumcision.
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Originally Posted by shuiend View Post
I find it horrendous that we allow the mutilation of children’s genitals, whether it be female or male circumcision.
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I've got a great ******* idea... why don't we all use our other heads for second... if this isn't reason enough to leave your son's dick alone, I don't know what else somebody can say to a parent that would matter:

circumcision decreases the sensitivity of the ***** by as much as 75%. So much sensitivity is lost as a result of circumcision because the foreskin is the most richly innervated part of the *****. It has the greatest number of nerve receptors as well as the greatest variety of nerve receptors. After circumcision, the glans of the ***** is the only area that is able to be stumilated, and it gets dull and calloused over the the course of a man's life from constant abrasion and rubbing.
All other factors aside, why the **** would you do this to your kid for no reason at birth?

Now, on the other hand... if the kid starts having some UTI or other problems young in life, you've got a reason to consider it. Once he turns 18, he can do the math for himself and decide to get rid of it before it causes any "adult" complications.

I've been fully intact since birth, and can first-hand attest to being a raging ******* bull in the sack due to my highly sensitive OEM *****. It's given me Hedgehog-style longevity and control, plus (in no way can this be understated) the chicks ******* DIG IT! I've had 2 Jewish girls and it was the defacto forbidden fruit for them.

I'm sorry to all your poor mutilated-for-no-*******-reason poor ******* who will never know what I know... the look on a girls face when YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that yours is the first uncut hunk of mandingo she's ever seen... priceless. It's like she's gazing into a crystal **** revealing the most intense, mind-blowing, toe-curling, screaming-my-name fortune.
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Female genital mutilation and male circumcision cannot be compared. The first is full organ removal for subjugative reasons, while the latter is removal of superficial skin.
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Originally Posted by Savington View Post
In for a bunch of men talking about the head of their dicks.

I just about spit out a mouthful of beer over that one.
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Put the fee for circumcision into a high interest account along with his education savings.

When he is 18 tell him you put it there and ask him if he wants part of his dick cut off or some money towards a car.

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