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Default Boost leak driving me nuts

Yeah I know cross post from Mnet, but I figured there would be more knowlede over here. I also wasn't sure which section to post in. I've suspected for a while that I have a boost/vaccum leak. I'm not seeing the boost that I should and my map at idle floats between 23 and 26. I have narrowed it down to 1 cubic foot area behind/under the intake manifold. When I pressurize the intake to 12psi it takes only a few seconds to leak out. I've tried carb cleaner with no luck, and I can't feel where it's coming from nor see it using soapy water. It is fairly loud but I can't pinpoint it. I cleaned the crap out of the egr valve thinking it may be the culprit. How well should the egr valve seal? With the valve closed and the upper hole plugged I can still blow through the nipple and hear it escape through the lower hole. Are there any other possible leak points in this area that I'm missing?

Brain fart, this probably should be in the SC section. Feel free to move it Mods

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13-104J in that picture - do you have it? It's like a 3/8" plug, impossible to miss if you're actually looking for it.
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Also check for a crack in the vac line or that cap, that's what mine was...
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i use an automotive stethoscope with the pick up end taken off(so its just a tube hooked to your ears) to pin point pin holes in my exhaust manifolds i make... maybe you can do the same for your intake leak
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The hoses and that cap are good. I ended up making an aluminum block off gasket for the egr valve from a PBR can and voila, no more leak. Would there be any issue driving with my ghetto fab block off? I'm running MSPNP so I think I may be ok.

:edit: Alright, so rather than wonder if a thin piece of aluminum would hold up, I just made a block off plate out of some 1/16" scrap steel I had laying around. That ought to be durable enough.

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