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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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Default hks kit with ms pnp or BEGI Shanghia s turbo kit with ms pnp

Hi guys im lewi completly new to this site an i expect youve herd this so many times before but i got a 1.6 mx5 roadster and wanna turbo it up? now i been readin so many forums and to be honest its just to much info. from what i can gather the hks kits pretty good but with crap fuel management?? the GReddy kit is crap all together apart from the turbo? and the shanghai has bad points and good points to. im gonna put it out there in the open and say ima complete noob at this turbo stuff but im learning pretty fast would be great if some of you could give me a point in the right direction!! so i reconise the mega squirt is the best engine management?
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I'll be nice to you. First, you need to go to the Meet&Greet section of the forum and make a intro thread. After that you need to make friends with the search. Then and only then should you start up a new thread with questions.

Read ALL of the stickies and I mean all of them. I agree that it is an overwhelming amount of information, but that is just how it goes and boosting a miata can be relatively safe and easy cost wise if you play it right.

We need more information about your car as well. You say you want to put a turbocharger on it, but are you sure that the engine is healthy? Do you have any currents mods on the car now? How many miles are on the motor and how well have you been on the up keep? Do you have any previous experience with forced induction cars? What are your plans with the car once you have it complete?

As far as the kits you specified it shows that you have done some homework recently. What I did get out that horrible excuse for a paragraph is that you do recognize that there is a superior form of engine management called MegaSquirt....this is true.

The Greddy kit can make decent power but does have it's faults in the form of the manifold and downpipe (search), the HKS kit is rarely seen on this forum (again search) and the Begi kits are very, very popular as well as Flyin Miata turbo kits. Search, search and search again. Also, google is your friend. I use it to search this forum almost as much as I use the actual forum search.

That's it for now. I am very, very nice compared to most people on this forum. But please, don't get upset when some on comes in here and calls you a dumb ***'s just how this forum works.

Hope all is well,
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Learn to use the shift key and the apostrophe and we might reply with something useful. Until then, you can search.
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