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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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Personally in your case i'd disconnect the wastegate and start tunning that way. Copy one of the ignition maps on the last page and go from there. Your car will THANK you.

I was in your shoes once too.. I'm glad i listened, these folks know what they are talking about.
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I did not see the explanation for your 2nd gear pull. so here goes. These support some lean areas as others have noted.
1- slow throttle is slower state of transition for the engine so requires less accell enrichment. faster throttle requires more Accell enrichment for that manifold transition.
2- With MS the slow throttle movement can allow the WB02 to apply corrections (settings). Quick throttle movement disables O2 loopback for a short time.
Leading to two options. not enough fuel in the table and/or not enough Acell enrichment in that area. (note slight differences in VE area with the two examples)

You really need your WB working in both TS and MS? Is it? Quite frankly you could take one of the timing tables posted or the DIY site defaults, use Autotune and have this thing somewhat decent with a afternoon drive. Or at least something these guys can give you further direction on.
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The wide band is working but won't display in tuner studio. I have an innovate lc1 which is wired to a gauge and the gauge works and is accurate. But when I tried all the combinations of using the brown and yellow signal wires I couldn't get tuner studio to work with the afr gauge on. I even went into the lc1 settings on the laptop and started to adjust these but still I couldnt get it o display in tuner studio.

I will aim to get this sorted first and then I will use ve to tune. Any suggestions?

I will have a closer look tomorrow but it's back to the beginning for me as everything has failed in the past. It may be worth note ing that the connector that goes tothe ecu has 4 wires. They are 12v, ebc signal, earth, wide band signal. The ebc one is connected as well as th wideband. I have connected the earth wire temporarily to the nearest earth point on the body and the 12v at present is disconnected. I could again temporarily connect this to the blue connector under the bonnet near the headlamp which the ebc is connected or some where else if you think It matters.

We have opened the ecu and it appears the board is wired correct for these 4 wires.
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Ok so now the wideband is working with ts and I paid for the auto analyse. I've done a couple of runs and it does appear to be getting better. It is still knocking or pinging but not as much. I guess if I do a few more runs burning the new data each time it will sort out the pinging?
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upload a datalog and your tune.
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