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Originally Posted by Brian View Post
Well, a 2-bar MAP sensor, for example, has a range from ~0-29 PSI absolute. When connected to an intake manifold, that means the sensor is capable of giving you a reading of ~-14.7 PSI/29" of vacuum to ~+14.7 PSI/boost.

Both MAP and boost gauge are tee'd off the intake manifold, so they're reading from the same location. I've got the MAP driving an EBC that displays the boost by just subtracting one atmosphere from the MAP output.

Conversely, you could just as easily replace the 30" HG on your boost gauge with a zero and the 25 PSI with a 40 PSI, and you'd have an absolute pressure gauge. It's a matter of semantics.
I don't want to further hijack this threat, but I'm a little OCD. The boost gauge uses an open diaphram, meaning it is affected by atmospheric changes. A MAP sensor is not, and is refrenced to a perfect vacuum. So if the boost gauge says 16psi, that's 16psi above the atmosphere. A MAP shows 16psi from ACTUAL vacuum.

You don't see a difference because you are at sea level, come to a higher elevation and you'll see a difference.

I could still be talking out of my ***. But if I were I'd likely be rich, since people would probably pay to see a talking ***.

I'm done for now What the hell was this thread about?
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Techtonics Tuning, Inc.
9592 South West TV Tower Rd.
Sheridan 87378
Tel. 503-843-2700

Here's the closest tuner with a dynojet to you. They're about 40 minutes from you I think. Got this off the dynojet sight link braineak gave you but subbed in OR for WA.

So there's a number of board members from the Pacific NW. Any clubs I should know about?
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I haven't really looked in to clubs that much but I've been thinking about it for a while. I did just join the oregon scca today. Where are you at?
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