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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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Originally Posted by devin mac View Post
btw, just to note, i'm only voting against MAKING you own AN hoses.
I just didn't see the trouble in doing them. I have a chop-saw, so the cuts that I made were actually cleaner than the ones the shop I bought the hose from made when taking it off the spool. Any tool along those lines that will accept an abrasive metal-cutting blade should produce similar results, even if you just go out and buy a $10 angle grinder and a $3.50 ten-pack of metal cutting discs.

Personally, I've owned the $20 angle grinder from Harbor Freight for about two years now, and it works great. Putting together some -AN lines is a good excuse to go out and purchase a tool like this.

I've done -10 and -4 in stainless-braided rubber, and -4 in braided teflon. The only one that took a while was the teflon hose, and only because the ends were different from what I'm used to so it took a while to figure out how they go together.
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Originally Posted by BEGITechRep View Post
Don't mix AN 37-degree fittings with SAE 45-degree fittings! JIC (Joint Industry Council) 37-degree fittings are similar to the AN fittings but with greater manufacturing tolerance allowed for the threads. You should be good to go on your car to mix the AN and JIC but it's verboeten for aviation.
As long as the fitting isn't over tightened, I can tell you from experience they will hold over 3000 psi. Since my oil pump runs slightly below that I'm not too worried about mixing on the car
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it's quite possible i'm just mentally deficient. that said. i probably would have an easier time doing them a second time around...
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Originally Posted by brgracer View Post
Tech videos on assembly on here.
I tried sharpening one of those cold chisels. I couldn't get it sharp enough to actually cut through the line. :(

I did use their advice on how to get the hose through the "collar" with a small screwdriver, though and that has made making hoses easier. I haven't re-cut a hose end since (before, if it wasn't perfect and thus easy to slide the collar over it, I would re-cut the hose to get the collar on).

I've thought about DIY versus taking measurements to a hydraulic shop. I guess in the end, with having DIY/varying turbo setups and not having repeated and known measurements/lengths, being able to assemble one end of the hose, route the hose and cut to length is the advantage. I suppose, once you have made the hose, you could it take it somewhere to have a shop make a copy with crimp-on ends but I'm not sure it would be cheaper, plus with the crimp-on ends, you can't replace the hose if you do have it burst and have to get a new hose and hose ends. If you really loathe assembly, you can find a local shop to do it for you but it gets easier the more of them you do and that video did really help me more than Carroll Smith's fastener book, although he does discuss quite a few good things in it about plumbing.

As for the Summit hose ends, I have a few of them on my car. They seem to be okay. I've mixed and matched hose with several hose-end manufacturers with no problem. My AN-4 line was self-built from pieces and has held pressure so far.
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