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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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Originally Posted by Jike Spingleton View Post
Wow! tons of replies already! thanks
Originally Posted by Jike Spingleton View Post
I did search and read the FAQ, how about you go **** yourself, :**********:.

This is why i dont post on forums. If you're not going to help someone with a question they have... dont post in their thread. If you feel compelled to make a stupid ******* comment, you should just go **** yourself ahead of time and save people like me the time of telling you to do just that.
First off, when insulting someone its generally good to make the ******* smiley work. Like this . I frig up a smiley or embed once in awhile myself, but I generally dont do it while e-thuging.

Second, dont **** where you eat. This thread may have saved your car already.
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Originally Posted by Sparetire View Post
Is a dual feed rail needed for low boost and 305 injectors? Is about 150 bucks worth of head studs and a cometic needed either? I doubt it for a low boost setup.

I say ditch that stuff and get a Brain-built MS.
I got the head gasket because of the mileage i have on my car, and the fact that the two other people i know who have miatas blew their head gaskets. I am getting it as a preventative measure...

I bought the fuel rail/injectors because i was told that i needed bigger injectors if i were to turbo my car, and while reading about them i read about how the miata has fuel distribution issues that are exposed when you turbo it.

There are logical reasons why i bought this stuff, its just that I guess i was misguided in whats more important/effective.
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Fret not, for I am with thee.

Stock head gaskets are quite robust. The questionable stock cooling system is usually what causes failures of headgaskets. This is often remedied by the addition of a larger capacity radiator and/or a low cost coolant re-route. There are threads ad-nauseum about re-routes implementing cheap junkyard parts and fittings. Study several and emulate the best.
The stock fuel rail will be far more than adequate at greater power levels than your goals.
You will no longer require the O2 clamp if you procure and install a Megasquirt.

The proceeds from selling the three above unnecessary luxury items might help you to attain your goal of a Braineak built Megasquirt. Oh, and you will need an Innovate LC-1 or similar wideband to operate with the MS or to even to safely tune with bandaids, if you had not considered that previously. It is a required item.

Good luck.
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Here is the "non-fabricator's" solution to the coolant problem.

It works
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