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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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Default Need help trouble shooting misfire.

I've put the turbo kit back in August of last year, didn't get it to run, called it quits and left the car up until now when the weather is getting nice in NY and I'd like to have a running car again.

Kit is a Greddy 15G
MS was build build by Braineak with MAF elimination, base map for 470cc injectors

IAC is tapped, EGR blocked off, IAT is tapped after the IC, vacuum lines run, but the car is misfiring on two cylinders and sounds like a heavily cammed V8 when started and barely holds idle with smoke going everywhere (pretty sure just blowby the exhaust gasket).

After looking futher into the MS I'm pretty sure there is a cross in the wiring somewhere and I gave it to the local MS guru here to look into.

Now here is the question, while the MS is being messed around with, I want to make sure that everything else is fine and try to start the car with the stock ECU just to narrow it down to the MS.

I'll find the place to run the stock MAF sensor and throw that in somehow but my question is, will the car start with the bigger injectors or should I throw the stockers back inthere?
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It will probably start but not idle.
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I might even idle...poorly. I give it 45 seconds before it floods, fouls the plugs and dies an untimely death.
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My MS barely ran with a 265cc map and 460cc injectors installed. But it was enough to get the alternator spinning to charge the battery, my ac adaptor, laptop, and finally enable me to change my required fuel.

Why, may I ask, are you blaming someone who has built no doubt 100's of megasquirts before even consulting him?
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Because making mistakes is just part of statistics.

I'm not sure on the MS itself but the wiring looked funny.

Also when I would plug it in, depending on the angle of the MS to the wiring harness or the pressure on the harness the middle light would either be ON/OFF/ or DIM.

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The harness didn't look too healthy either. That is how I got it.

So looks like I'll throw the stock injectors back in, put the MAF back in, stock ECU and make sure the car can start like that to the best of it's ability, eliminating IAC, EGR, Coils, wiring, plugs, etc as a potential issue.

Would blocked off EGR cause me any issues with stock ECU?

I'll also make sure that it my TPS no longer activates the radiator fan relay. I still have no idea how the hell that happened.
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Originally Posted by Vovchandr View Post

Would blocked off EGR cause me any issues with stock ECU?
I just got the light. But maybe it could. Its awesome to the see the light gone with ms.

Good luck.
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