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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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Default Turbo miata, couple questions.

Let me just start off by saying i am not new to the world of boost, i recently switched over from DSMs (eclipse, talon, laser). i owned 4 of them, one running high 10's that i tuned 90% myself.

What i am looking to do is pickup the FMII kit without electronics and run MSPNP with innovate wideband.

Do i need to get some sort of knock control or do miatas already have it?

What size injectors should i be looking for in order to run this kit?

Any reasons i should consider just getting the hydra system over MSPNP?
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Great questions, Im fairly new to the turbo scene so I don't have much input besides that there is a lot more support for MSPNP on this forum as compared to hydra. You can pick up a brand new MS built by a administrator on this forum for $650 shipped at the most, that the option most ppl with here go with. MS only makes for years90-97 so if u have 98-04 the administrator here can build you one off of the 90-97 MS unit. Good luck and post a build thread when its time to get to it =]
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Injector size depends on how much power you want to make.
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Are you planning on living your life a quarter mile at a time? If so then the miata is probably not the platform you want to invest in. It will take a good amount of money to get your car to what your old DSM was.

The stock miata engine tend to destroy rods between 225-250ft/lbs at the rear wheels. This can be between 8psi-15psi depending on what turbo you are running.

The FM2 is a good quality kit. It is a little on the high side of costs, but the support you get usually makes up for it.

As for the hydra or mspnp that is up to you. The hydra 2.7 is a good bit more advanced then the mspnp. The MSPNP is almost 4 years old now. Megasquirt in general has developed a lot. I would suggest reading some in both the megasquirt and hydra sections on the forum to get some more information.
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what year car?

I have a 99 and made 275whp with 2560 with rx7 550cc injectors, stock fuel pressure, but they were pretty much maxed out. You could get more out of them with higher fuel pressure, but it only really an option on the NA models.

I got a DIYPNP for EMS which is megasquirt 2...made by braineak on here. DIYPNP/MS2 seems to be a very good bang for the buck. MS1 getting a bit dated, MS3 is out, but will cost more. MS2 is still getting updates, but MS3 is getting most of the attention now. I think MS3 has (beta?) VVT support...if you have an NB2 that might be a reason to get that or something other than MS1/2.
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